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Comments for 'The Lost Colony Part One: Severed Contact'

6:34 pm | August 24, 2003
yes, Hawk8776 does suck. damn his icy heart and mixed genitals!
6:34 pm | August 24, 2003
ah, finally the story of Harvest comes to light... 9.2/10
Arthur Wellesly
8:49 pm | August 23, 2003
It was pretty good, the writing style was nice and crisp with few errors, but in my opinion (althuough I realize this is probably just an introduction) the story wasn't in depth enough and things happened too quickly without sufficient dialogue, descriptions, and just filler crap.

Nevertheless it was quite readable and I do look forward to the next.
10:17 am | August 22, 2003
Dude, I liked it. But, beware of Hawk8776! He will tell you it sux, like he does wid' everything that's an Fan Fiction!