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Posted By: Wooz<specopselite93@aol.com>
Date: 10 June 2004, 2:55 AM

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Estimated 0600 hours
Estimated 9.7.2550
Epsilon Eridani

Crack! The Master Cheif quickly cracked an elites arm in 12 places disarming him.It howled in pain.Linda took a potshot from 100 meters away finishing the job. "Something about this is too easy" the master cheif exclaimed. This covenant patrol that the MC and Linda had met was tired and battle scarred. In fact the master chief hadnt even had to take his assault rifle out since this battle had started.Suddenly 20 shards of crystalline plasma exploded on his back.Crap he thought, that's what I hate about grunts they sneak up from behind and shoot you when you aren't looking.. the mc quickly whipped out his M6E pistol stuffed it in the little grunt's respirator and said calmly but angrily alright you bastard tell me about the enemy patrols in this area and I don't shoot your methane tank. The grunt squeaked pathetically.
"HOLY SHIT" Bisbam whispered to himself. it was the green clad one. The most deadly human scum! Some rumors had floated around on The Truth and Reconciliation that he had a covenant death toll of nearly 500!Bisbam wanted to have revenge on that bitch but his motto much like other grunts was live to fight another day.however Bisbam had something deep down that other grunts didn't have.He had revenge.Bisbam felt that he had seen too many of his brethren and brothers killed by the dirty humans. He had seen too many of his best friends pushed around and kicked around by the elites. Truthfully Bisbam had escaped from a prison cell on the T. A.R. He was in there because he had rebeled against an elite's orders, kicked him in his shins and ran.He had to move fast though. Those pillows under the covers wouldn't keep the jail guards busy for long.
"God Dammit I said talk!" The Master Chief yelled at the grunt. Linda was surprised to see the chief act like this. she had been training with him for nearly her whole life and she had never seen him like this since they were just kids and teens. Finally, the grunt spilled the beans."Okay I'll tell you! Around this corner right here is a band of spec ops they're armed with shades, banshees, and fuel rod cannons.Then ( if you make it that far) there's commander elites spec op grunts hunters and more shades. That's all I know! I told you what I had! Please don't hurt me! The chief opened up a private com link with linda. Bring him back to The Pillar of Autumn he'll be useful for cleaning the cafeteria. A blue aknowlegment light blinked on the chief's HUD. She grabbed the alien and walked off. "Cortana upload what he said into my database" "will do chief" Cortana replied. For one of the few times in his life The Master Chief was worried. This was going to be a long hard op.
"Cortana, open up a com link to The Pillar of Autumn", The Master Chief said."Already done chief", Cortana said back. "Chief?Chief? Is that you sir?" A Voice said through the intercom. "Yes soldier it's me. What's wrong up there?" The chief was puzzled by this marine's odd behavior. "God dammit sir the bastards have us surrounded up here. it started off with a simple space battle, but then when we weren't paying attention they started boarding the ship.One last thing sir". "Yes?" The Master Chief replied. If you don't mind me asking sir. What the hell is that thing your team member brought up here? It's running around in circles yelling devil ship, devil ship. Our surgeons finally had to put it to sleep for a couple hours,"the marine had a hint of humor in his voice. "Just think of him as a P.O.W. marine."
Bisbam sniffed the air. Blood was splattered everywhere.How could even the green armored one have killed this much?Even when faced against a platoon of marines with his own clan he hadn't seen this much carnage. It was two against nearly ninety the humans were supposed to be the underdogs.Silently, he moved on the ground on all fours scaveging for weapons, rations, and med-kits.This was a waste of the Traman clan.(Covenant always reffered to their platoons as clans)They shouldn't have worked them so hard.No wonder those, those devils killed them all so easily.Plasma rifles weren't really Bisbam's thing ,but he picked one up and tried one out anyways TSH! TSH! TSH! "YAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" Bisbam was thrown back nearly twelve yards by the powerful recoil of the rifle. "Why oh why did I do that! shit! Now they'll be alerted to my presence! I better go run now!" He dashed away quickly hiding behind some rocks.

So what do you think? I'ts my first fan fiction so send me any feedback! :)