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343 Salty Beans
5:08 am | June 14, 2004
I forgot to add a few things though.

Spartan impersonation = bad.

Grunt vs. Elite = Dead Grunt with guts all over walls.

343 Salty Beans
5:02 am | June 14, 2004
Whoa, go easy on him, dude. I know that he didn't use proper ANYTHING, grammar- and code-wise, but the story was funny.

Disclaimer: I may be saying this because my first fanfic didn't have the code either. :)

Dave Luck
10:15 pm | June 13, 2004
I can't believe this! I know I'll break every internet ettiquette law by doing this, but you don't seem to hear me.


The Storyline was at least coherent, and it was funny to see the Chief spaz out in front of his future wife (OOPS! Spoiler!) but there was a proplem was that the spacing needs to be put in, as well as indentation and proper spacing. Some words were merged together.

Now, I'm not a person who believes in fundamentalism or anything like that - I don't see the world in absolute right, or absolute wrong. I don't go as hard on newbies as Nick Kang does here. But I extremely annoyed in the fact that nobody does bother to read the rules that the Bungie Team worked so hard to put up, tone, and refine. (Ooh, that sounded like a workout routine... put up, tone, refine, put up, tone, refine, put up, tone, refine....)

Still, I think that people should read the rules.

- Dave-O.
Nick Kang
3:25 pm | June 13, 2004
Oh yeah? Well...uhhhhhh...I'm cool!

System Failure
12:07 pm | June 13, 2004
Goddamn right I'm crazy. THe world will be mine one the 100th evining of the 8th year I will rise, and on the final eve of th 12th year all hope will be lost. Ha Ha ha ha haaaaaa!

a guy
11:11 am | June 13, 2004
How can Linda be around, when the POA is areound? I mean shewas like in cryo sleep when in a longsword after the poa blew up. Ans how could Linda bring the grunt up to the poa so fast? AND HOW IS THE GRUNT ON THE GROUNFD SHOOTING PlASMA RIFLES WHILE HES ON THE POA SCREAMING : DEVIL SHIP:
1:12 am | June 13, 2004
Listen people this is not a bill board! please do not post any ads or anything like that here thanks. (JEEZE CRAZY PEOPLE!) Sorry about my punctuation. Thanks for the feedback though!
System Failure
10:35 pm | June 12, 2004
I'm no newbie. I've been here for a while. I'm just trying to give the persons that run this site some incentive to post the fan fic. That and I'm extremelly impatient so I want the damn story posted! also people liked my other stories, i wannnt people to read them again to remember the rest of the series and see how i left of. All in all its just there to keep the principality of the whole continuity thing together. Get what im sayin?

CoLd BlooDed
8:38 pm | June 12, 2004
One of the rules I learned on HBO a little while back...


No matter how bad the story is, makes ya look like a newb, System Failure.
System Failure
7:48 pm | June 12, 2004
I'm here to advertise my story;
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Halo 2: Operation Dream Knife (Chapter 1: Orbital Gun) this has been a public service announcement by SF International; all views herin do not express the beleifs of any H.B.O. employee or staff member.

4:44 pm | June 12, 2004
Dear God!, my eyes they hurt!, i mean seriously, work on that, i didn't even see any quotations for the momemnts when they spoke. Looked like on super huge runon sentence. Get someone to proof read, edit, then proof read it you're self and then post it.
Nick Kang
12:34 pm | June 12, 2004
Yes, as if it was burning through my head.
(no offense)

4:33 am | June 12, 2004
Pretty funny, Keep it humorous
3:25 am | June 12, 2004
He was talking about your complete lack of spaces or indentions.
3:09 am | June 12, 2004
For your first fan fiction that was pretty good.
Very interesting how you made Bisham or who ever the hell he is different from other Grunts.
9:48 pm | June 11, 2004
What are you talking about? AGGGGGGGGGGH MY EYES does'nt make sense!
3:32 pm | June 11, 2004
2:27 pm | June 11, 2004
"The code, the code" he cackled insanely
Nick Kang
1:35 pm | June 11, 2004
My eyes!