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On the Run: The Story of Kelly 087 and Dr. Hasley
Posted By: Winfield Willis the Weasel King<Lord_Vanquish_King@yahoo.com>
Date: 18 January 2004, 6:32 PM

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On the Run: The Story of Kelly 087 and Dr. Hasley

Chapter One: Running From the Plasma

BEEP, ten minutes till the destination, BEEP
"Ah, finally" says Hasley, as she finishes replacing
Kelly's armor.
BEEP, arriving at destination in
boom!!!! The ship rocks from the plasma explosion 100
meters away.

"Shit" Hasley mumbles, "ok, lets see if that was a
warning, or if they have horrible aim."
She dives, and turns, as she tries to get into the
planet's orbit. Around them pieces of ice and space
debris are exploding, from the plasma shots.

"Mam, I think you should land, and turn the ship off,
on one of those large asteroids, and wait for them"
says Kelly, as Hasley jumps at the sound.

"Oh, Kelly, nice to see you're awake, yes I thought of
that, only as they seem to be destroying all of the
asteroids, I don't think that will work."

"Yes, thats true, but if we eject some pieces of junk,
the might thinks they destroyed us, if we wire them to
send an electrical signal so the covenant can detect

"ah, good idea, okay, if you can get up and select
some junk, and some spare wiring, oh and get some
pieces of wall from a spare room, probably a living
area, you could get the wiring, from there too, maybe"

"yes, Mam"

Kelly, leans over, and pulls here self into a sitting
position, and tries to stand, but she leans back
against the Gurney. "C'mon, Kelly's you need to
do this" she says to herself. All of a sudden, an
image of john comes into her mind, "Kelly, do this
For sam." Now More determined, she stands again,
teetering for a moment, she stands up straight, then slowly walks toward the cabin Dr. Hasley mentioned,
and grabbed a few grenades, and a shot gun, assault
rifle duct tape, some bandages, and a couple of
organ replicators.

"Mam, ignore the next few explosions" she says,

"Will do Kelly" says Hasley behind gritted teeth.

"Problems Mam?"

"nothing I can't handle, just get the stuff quickly"

"k," says Kelly as she fills a box with a few
grenades, she tapes them to the sides, bottom, and top
of the box. Next, she takes the bandages, and wraps
the bandages through each of the pins, and tapes the
end to the out side of the box, but in such a way that
she can pull it later. Next, crates couple of
organs, a heart, liver, spleen, and a kidney, and
sets them near the box. Then, she searches
unsuccessfully for the room which the doctor mentioned.
"Well, I can't find it, and she said quickly, so I'll
just use a random room, or better yet, ill destroy
some boxes, and use one of the replicators for the
electronic signal. She moved everything, but the organ
replicator back to one of the hatches, and put
everything in a nice neat pile, and duct taped it all
to the floor.

Finishing her task, and going back to doctor Hasley,
she asked"Mam, I couldn't find the room you mentioned,
so I decided to use an organ repli..."
BOOM!!!!!!! Kelly is thrown to a side of the room, and
Hasley, cursing, randomly turns, trying to avoid
imaginary blasts.

Quickly Kelly gets up moves the doctor out of the
seat, says"Mam, if you would please fix up the
replicator to send signals, ill fly" as she does a
beautiful, double "Keyes Loop" around two asteroids,
making it seem like a figure 8, she goes into a
large asteroid field, and does multiple, "Keys Loops"
Around the asteroids, as she notices, three UNSC
ships, two small battle cruisers, and a transportship, hidden in on the asteroids, as well as a large
amount of seraphs looking for them. She quickly radios
the ships, and says"Spartan 087, to UNSC cruisers,
Spartan 088, to UNSC cruisers, you have a couple
hundred seraphs on your tail, along with a small
battle ship on mine, I suggest you let me handle the
battle ship, and you take the seraphs, and there is
a transport ship on the other side of the asteroid that
you're on. Also we need to go to earth ASAP, as we have
something the covenant want, BAD"

"okay find we'll do it your way, you come and dock on
the transport ship, and well ferry you to Captain
Winfield Willis"

"sir, yes, sir, get that thing ready, there close to
us now"

"yes, Mam"
so Kelly, guns it, and moves into the bay, nearly
killing 10 engineers, and dock workers.
"um, Kelly, where are we."
"We're in a UNSC transport ship"
so Kelly gets Doctor Hasley tells her to go to the
transport, then takes the bomb that she made and the
organ, walks over to a longsword, puts the stuff in,
and flies out to meets the seraphs. Once making sure
the spotted her, she turns around, and flies into a
large asteroid. Here she lands, and takes the organs,
throws them out of the ship, takes the box with grenades, takes more bandages, does the same thing with
the grenades in the box, tapes them down, and puts a
plasma grenade in there, right in the middle. She looks
out side, and she notices that the seraphs are about one minute
away. She quickly, moves all the things except for the
box, into the cockpit. Then she moves the box outside
on the asteroid, pulls the bandages, and starts the
plasma grenade. "Okay Kelly, time to use your speed,"
she picks up the box, and throws it as hard as she
can, and runs back to the ship. She quickly starts the
longsword, and flies back to the UNSC ships, just as
the seraphs, find the box, and it explodes, taking
down about five and a seraphs. When she gets back,two dozen marines are standing there, with guns drawn. She
quickly ducks and back flips back into the ship, then
running straight into the marines, knocking about six
down, and jumping into the transport. Yelling to the
pilot," go to the captain, now!" then sits down next
to the doctor, and takes her helmet off."Kelly, nice
work, only I don't think the marine part was absolutely
necessary," Hasley said."I think you should have
explained what you did.""Yeah, probably."Kelly says,
with a grin, "but where's the fun in that?"

Chapter 2: How Much for A Ride to Earth

"Spartan Kelly 087, and Doctor Hasley, here to see
you, Captain Willis" Says Arkantos, the captain's
personal AI, which he created him self."Shall I let
them in?"

"I suppose, only makes sure that the SPARTAN has no

"Yes, Sir"

The door opens and Doctor Hasley, with Kelly following
behind walks in and sits down across from The Captain.

"Ah, Doctor Hasley long time no see, how were the
treating you down in that old mine shaft."

"Almost as well as you did when I was working on your
AI for you" She says with a sweet smile, "only less

the captain chuckles,"ah I see you haven't changed a
bit, thank God."

"And I see you haven't either, sir"

"ah, it's hard to when your sitting on an asteroid,for a month or so"

"a month, and they still haven't discovered you,"Kelly
says."But how, you seen to have the entire ship up and

"Well, apparently we had a lucky shot when we
encountered them, and destroyed their radio transceiver,
we sent a bomb on board a longsword, to dock in their
bay, or really they captured it, and we remotely blew
it up." Which luckily killed all of the engineers too"

"But how do you know this, you would have had to been

"Well, one of us was, a Spartan, Mikaela 027, we
picked her up when she landed on reach, and she, and we
thought she was the only one left." "Knowing that she
could be the one thing that leads to our survival, we
took her along, and she explained how the leapt to the
surface, and she was knocked unconscious, and she
guesses the thought she was dead."Explained Willis

"actually, we couldn't find her, she was the one, that
was truly MIA." Interjected Kelly" where is she now"

"she's the cyro bay, she was really tired, after
taking on about 20 elites together"the captain said,
"I'll have someone show you the way," "Arkantos, send

"Way ahead of you sir" said, just as a marine
entered."Captain, and you, Mam, get down now, there
that rogue Spartan" he screamed as he fired three
shots at Kelly.

Kelly, Being who she is, took them in the chest, which
had no effect on her, as she ran straight at the
marine, then ripping the gun out of his hands, along
with his hand, which she ripped almost off, except for
the skin. Basically the muscle and bone, and tissue,
became separate, only it stayed in side the hand, and
it only stayed on by the skin. He screamed. Loudly,
and like a woman. Kelly then put her hand over his
mouth, and closed it, hard, and accidentally shattering one of his teeth. By now this guy is in a
lot of pain, and will not shut up, so Kelly, hits him
on the back of his head, knocking him unconscious.

"Wow, that was annoying, um Captain, I think I'll just
find my way there on my own, but it might help you
crew, if you told them not to attack me" she says,
while holding the pistol at him.

"First off, put the gun down now, second yes I will do
that, third, never point a weapon at me again, unless
absolutely necessary, which I doubt there will ever be
a time when that will happen, understood?" says the
captain now standing up, to his full 6'4" and having
two pistols aimed at Kelly.

"Yes, sir, understood sir" mumbles Kelly, who turns to

" Excuse me, but I believe were not through yet here,
now that I've seen what you did to that marine, I have
an idea, so I will be coming with you, Arkantos, do
whatever the Doctor asks, within reason, Doctor, if
you would be so kind as to treat the uh Wounded here,
then if you would go to the bridge, which im sure you
will have no trouble finding."

His answers were all, "yes sir, right away sir."

Chapter Three: Another Spartan Revealed

"so, um Captain Willis..." Kelly began.

"Please Kelly, call me Winfield, It's a personal rule"

"yes, Sir, Winfield, Sir, so what is your idea"

"Well now that we have two SPARTANS, I think it would
be a good time to destroy these covenant pests, and
get the hell, back to earth fast. Now, by your reaction
to her being alive, am I right in thinking that all of
the SPARTANS are dead, or MIA, except for you two?"
Winfield says, while entering the key code to a room
which had the words "a private cyro chamber, do not
"Well, no Winfield, there are a few others on their
way to earth, including Master Chief, and Sargent
Johnson, and Cortana."Says Kelly while looking at the
cyro chamber, which was moving back into the wall, as
a result of the captain pushing a button on the wall.

"Excellent, I will tell High Command that they are
coming in the PoA."" Is Captain Keys with them?"

"no, and it's a long story, but there in a covenant
ship, attached to another ship, the GETTYSBURG."

"Oh, im sorry too here th..., wait what a covenant
ship, but how"

"long stories, which im sure I can tell you later, but
tell me your plan with Mikaela and me"

"actually, It's not just your two, im going with you."

"What, no way, you don't have our strength, or speed,
or... anything, how will you hope to live!?!?!?!?!"
Said Kelly in a raised voice."Im not taking you, even
if you're a Captain, and im not going to let you go."

"Lets continue this in a second, I need to thaw
Mikaela out." Winfield said, as he walked over to the
two cyro Ops,"hey, thaw Mikaela out, and get here
prepped and ready for a walk out on the asteroid."

"Aye, aye sir, should we equip her with weapons? ,"
Asked Louis, the tall Cyro engineer,"or should we let
you pick them for her"

"The latter, and lets get her ready quickly"

"aye, aye sir"

"now Kelly, lets go over to the cafeteria, and continue
this conversation, all right"

"sure, lets go"
So they walk up to the cafeteria, and choose a quiet
corner and sat down. Kelly got right into it as soonas they sat down, and got comfortable.

"Okay, now explain, what you meant, I mean you aren't
capable of coming with us?" Kelly said, as she
investigated a food dispenser, and chose a soda, and a
bag of chips.

"That's not true Kelly, in fact Im a SPARTAN, and one
that you know very well, but you probably think I no
longer exist, as you watched me die."

"What are you talking about, I've seen many spar... OH

"I knew you could guess it eventually, yes. It is I."

"Wait, you don't look like sam, you look older, and how
did you work with doctor Hasley on an AI, and how did
you survive the explosion?"

"well, thats a long story too, probably as long as
your two stories combined."

" I doubt that, John is the one that was in them"

"Great, so what did he do take an entire covenant
armada, discover a new species, and planet, which is
really a ring, and destroy it all in the span of less
than one month, then hijack a covenant ship, discover
a bizarre artifact that the covenant wants, avoid
death, save the Doctor and a few SPARTANS, and destroy
two more covenant armadas, which brings the total up
to like 500 or so ships, or about 10-100,000 aliens,
AAAAAANNNNNNNND is in the process of an attempt to
save earth?!?!?!?!"
"uuuuummm, actually, your exactly right."

"Figures, he always did have the most incredible luck,
and defied odds no normal human, or SPARTAN for that
matter could achieve."

"Yes, thats our John."Kelly chuckled,"but really how
did you survive, and why do you look like you do?"

"oh, it's very similar to your story, only downgradethose numbers and thats it."

"Well we got time, while they thaw, lets hear it"

"okay, only if you tell John's next"

"yes, just get on with it."

"Whatever, you say, now, that you seem to believe me,
can I come with you on your mission."

"No, you don't have your armor."

Actually, I do, see im wearing a body suit, that the
doctor made for me, only she didn't know who I was, I
told her I was a marine, on reach, and that my facial
injury was from a battle there."

"Wait, what facial injury?"

"oh, a gold elite, with a plasma sword, tried to cut
of my head, but I dodge, but not quickly enough, and
he cut a huge gash in my face, and most of the skin
boiled off near it."

"Oh my god, how did you survive that."

"Thats what im about to tell you."

Chapter 4: Sam's Flashback

"Well, when we blew up that covenant ship, on my way
to find a place to set the bomb, I noticed a wrecked,
but not destroyed, seraph. I quickly looked it over,
and flipped it, and I fired her up. It worked. I set
here to a warm up mode, so I could make my escape, and
try to get back to the rest of us. So after that, I
set up the nuke, and ran back to the seraph. by then
I had warmed up and I left. by the time I got to where
our ship was, you had already left. All of a sudden, I
get a message from the covenant, in there own
language. I had no idea what to do, so I quickly sent
back a message in English, and they asked back, whoare you. Again not knowing what to do I said thats not
important, but there is a huge human ship on the other
side of the moon over there, it was attacking me. Lets
kill them. that immediately got excited, and dropped
contact, and turned around and went over there.

Quickly I landed on the nearest planet, which happen
to be a huge ring-shaped thing. Apparently, they had
not seen me, or the ring, because it was camouflaged.
I only saw it because I saw my reflection in it. I then
went down and 'landed' on it. Apparently, when I
landed on it, it was no longer camouflaged. And I had
landed on the out side of it on a metal plate, but I
was on the tip, and I noticed that the thing I was on,
was actually a wall. So I fly around to the other
side, and land. Im now in a huge snow storm, and
there ice all around. Not wanting to be here, I flew
around, and not one mile from there I find a swamp. A
swamp. Right next to a glacier. It made no sense.
Anyway I scout it out, and notice that there is a
crashed covenant vehicle transport ship. I move in to
investigate, and I see a few engineers, a bout 50 or
so grunts, 10 jackals, and five elites, two blues, two
red, and a gold. they notice me, and they run around
trying to get my attention. Not wanting to be killed,
I quickly turn around, and go out of sight. There I
land, and get my shotgun, a lot of plasma grenades,
and a pistol, a sniper rifle, two hunting knives, a
med kit, and one ghost, which was lying next to where
I landed. Then I quietly as I could, I snuck up on the
crashed ship. Finally, I come upon a hill over
looking them. I take out the rifle, and quickly take
out the four red and blue elites. I tried to take out
the gold, but he got behind the crashed ship. All of a
sudden I get static in my helmet. I look up and there was
plasma everywhere, because the grunts are shooting at
me. I immediately start hurling grenades at them. I
killed most except for about five. I take my helmet of
because it's covered with plasma, and I pull out my
shotgun, and get in the ghost. I drive toward them,
when the drop their weapons and hid behind the ship.
Now expecting to hear screams from the grunts, as the
elite kills them, I pause to listen, and get of the
ghost. "Aaaaaaaauuuuuuggggghhhhhhhh" the elite
screamed, as he charged me, plasma sword raised.Quickly I tried to jump back, and avoid the blow, and
then grab his arm, and break it, but I wasn't fast
enough, and he slashed me from the top of my head near
my hair, on the left side, across to the bridge of my
nose, down onto my right cheek, and onto my shoulder,
and arm, which he didn't cut through. As soon as I
could, I reached my arms, out took the sword, and
before he could recover from the shock of me NOT
dying, I cut him in half, thru the middle part of his
hips, in a curved motion, across his chest, and
through his head, half way decapitating him. Now,
through all of this im feeling no pain. Now I do, and
it was immense. I pulled out the medikit, and ran to
find the grunts, and brandishing the sword said"okay,
you little grunts, where is a stream, or water, or you're all dead, and to emphasize the
point, I kill the nearest one. The one in red,
apparently the leader screamed,"ahhh, doesn't kill us,
okay okay, it's over that hill, opposite way you came,
please don't hurt us ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!""ok, thank you,
shut up and stay here if you do that I wont hurt you,
and tell the engineers, to fix everything here, now."
Then I got on the ghost, and went where they said. I
had expected to find a swamp or something. Instead I
found, a waterfall, and a huge lake/puddle that turned
into another waterfall, and that turned into a huge
ocean/lake thing. After standing there simply stunned,
I washed my face, and bandaged it, which was
difficult, not to mention painful. After washing the
out the wound, and dressing it, I went back to the
base, and was to put it simply, Stunned. The
engineers were working on my helmet, and the grunts,
where collecting the dead grunt's armor, methane
tanks, and guns, into a pile next to the elites armor,
and their needlers, and plasma rifles. "Wow you guys
are doing a really good job"I said, which scared the
remaining grunts almost to death."Oh, it's just you, oh
we thought you were another monster, like that one."
He said pointing in the direction of where he had come
from the seraph. I looked and saw a small thing that
looked like a prophet, the thing they were supposed to
capture, only a lot smaller, about the size of a
jackal or even a human." Oh my god, what is that." "We
don't know, but it tried to attack us though like this."
The grunt waved his hand, and put up the peace sign,
then it said something that sounded like how youhumans talk like, "do not be afraid, I come in peace,"
which think is a battle yell, what does you think."
"First off waving, means hello, and the thing, with the
two fingers, is the "peace sign.""Secondly, he said do
not be afraid I come in peace, which im sure you know
now, that I've told you in your own language."I said
with a sigh, but a slight grin on my face, I mean
these grunts aren't that bad, if you threaten them with
death, or kill one of them and threaten them, that
works real well.

DING "Captain Willis", DING, "Captain Willis, the
subject is ready to go."

"Ah, lets go Kelly, well continue this later, or
mikaela can tell you sometime." Sam said, while
starting to blush. "Oh by the way, Mikaela and I are
ummm romantically involved, since we thought we were
the last of our kind, and as they altered our DNA, we
thought that we ought to make some more of us."

"Hmm, good idea, anyway lets go"

TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER SUBMISSION: The Easy Three Step Method To: Destroy a Huge Alien Ship, With Three
Cyborgs, and A Box of Grenades.