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Comments for 'On the Run: The Story of Kelly 087 and Dr. Hasley'

2:01 am | February 26, 2004
pathetic. just pathetic. i couldn't even finish it. where o where do i begin...
8:10 pm | February 11, 2004
That was... awful. Dr. Halsey doesn't talk like that, and neither does Kelly. And Captain Keyes is the only one able to pull off the Keyes loop. Besides, have you even read all 3 Halo books? Pitiful.
12:24 pm | January 24, 2004
wow....that actually makes HALO look bad....very bad
3:31 am | January 23, 2004
Why spell check it if even the spellchecker would have missed it? ;)
Alpha Lance
11:50 pm | January 22, 2004
It looks wierd.
10:05 pm | January 22, 2004
Way too many errors for this to be completely enjoyable.
Silent Hunter
8:15 pm | January 22, 2004
Fairly good story, but you should write it in the past tense. The present tense just doesn't sound right. Also, proofread it before you submit, I've seen a lot of spelling errors that a spell checker would've missed.