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The Covenant: Chapter 1
Posted By: William<jackbuttmommys@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 September 2003, 3:14 AM

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"The Covenant: Chapter 1"

"Sergeant, this is one heavy battlefield. Sending us in for backup at this time is pointless; thousands of Marines have already been killed. I recommend immediate evasion," Cortana, *ahem* recommended.

"Just do what I say, Cortana, and everything will be alright. We must protect the base! Thousands of Marines were stationed here, without them; the fight of humans against covenant is pointless! 'Covies may have got us off guard, but I have a plan to do the same. We still have at least 700 marines, let us use them wisely"

"Hold onto your butts," yelled the pilot of the D77-TC Troop Carrier.

All of a sudden, the D77-TC, or Pelican, had a huge hit. The force was so big, Master Chief could have been knocked out of the back, but however, the Master Chief was in the cockpit with Cortana and the Sarge, so everyone was alright.

"That was close," said Cortana.

"Should be, we are right above the battleground, it would take too long to ride around, and to dangerous to drop right here," the Sarge commented. "We should land at main contact point alpha soon enough!"

The Pelican made a landing at their main contact point, or otherwise, a place at least 7 miles south from the battleground. Cortana ordered for a M12 LRV for the long trip ahead, along with two Marines. One of those Marines was Sarge. The other, Juan Pablo, a new worker, just got out of boot camp. Sarge, Juan and Master Chief prepared for work. They made such a simple plan it is odd it worked...for awhile at least:

The battlefield had very woodsy area to the Mid-West, and a hill on the South-East side, and luckily, the Marines were attacking from the south. This hill was a great sniping spot. The woods could also be used if the combat need an evasion. Juan had the job of manning the Warthog's M41 LAAG, or turret, while Sarge had the job of covering fire on the South-Eastern hill, being the sharp shooter he is. The Master Chief; he was the driver, of course. Master Chief was armed with a pistol and shotgun. Sarge was armed with a Sniper Rifle and 3 fragment grenades. Juan Pablo was armed with only a pistol; after all, he was manning the turret. "I'll notify you of our main objective once we clear the field. Thank God the Covenant is attacking only from the north, all of our Marines would be dead by now if so," stated Sarge. "Look out for remaining marines. And remember men, if we do this, the Covenant will be so alarmed they won't have time to call for backup!"

They then arrived at the top of the South-East hill, about 10 minutes later. Master Chief saw the horror; Grunts, Elites, Brutes, Hunters, Jackals, Wraiths, Banshees, Ghosts, Shadows and drop ships. The Covenant went all out this time. The field was massive, Sarge declared that he couldn't scope to the other side, but he could see over half way with his sniper. They then dropped off Sarge, discussed the plan once more, had him lock his target, hoped for the best and then gunned down the hill.

"Wahoo," cried Juan "Sarge is hitting them faster then flies on cow pies on a hot summer day," he said as Elites, Jackals and Grunts were shot down. "Whoa, watch the paint," he exclaimed as a Jackal lay onto the hood. The field was a bit messy, due to Master Chief headed near the woods for cover. Mud rocks and trees were everywhere surrounding them. Master Chief had lost control while making a sharp turn around a boulder surrounded by mud. Juan Pablo was firing at a line of three Elites (Hidden to Sarge because of trees) with the turret, killing them all, but not at all helping Master Chief regain control. Master Chief ricocheted off a tree, accidentally slammed onto the gas, and crashed into a tree. After only a mere few minutes, Master Chief regained conscious. His neck was hurting badly, but he was ok. Juan was dead, about 6 feet away from the turret, his torso ripped in half, probably done by a plasma sword. Master Chief guessed the remaining enemies were killed by the crash, or left believing that the Master Chief was also dead. Master Chief tried starting the Warthog, after 4 tries, he simply gave up. "Evacuation needed! Man down, I repeat, man down," Master Chief belted into his communication system. "Shut up," belted Cortana. "The crash messed up your communication systems; I have confirmed that we are on a Covenant emergency channel, and they could be listening to our every move!" Master Chief heard trees snap and mud slosh. Apparently, the Covenant was not far off and heard his emergency call for evac. Master Chief heard 3 plasma swords light up, and stomps of Hunters feet.

Master Chief knew that they were about to charge him, and hopped into the Warthog turret, hoping it was still in good condition. Then; all went quite.

"Wort, wort, wort!"

To be continued...