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Halo 2: The Wraiths chapter one; and so it begins
Posted By: Wiley Kimball<kimballwh@aol.com>
Date: 27 April 2003, 1:07 AM

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Dramatis Personae

      The Wraiths

Com. Oni Yazuka, AKA the "Ghost's Shadow"

Sgt. Sergey Arkadeyevich, AKA "Sergey the Devil"

Sgt. Louis Loiselle, AKA "Louie"

Major Dieter Weber, AKA "Rifle One"

Sgt Homer Johnson, AKA "Rifle Two"

Corporal Tim Noonan

Master Chief Petty Officer Julio Vega, AKA "Oso", AKA "Big Man"

Lieutenant Eddie Price, AKA "Rocket Man"

Flight Officer Dan Malloy, AKA, "Vulture"

      Crew of the UNSC Bonhomme Richard

Admiral Kevin Mangles

      Crew of the CCS Lucifer

Ship Master 'Loki Lukamme

Chapter one; And so it begins…
Time unknown, September 25, 2552(military calendar)/UNSC battle cruiser Bonhomme Richard, location: en rout to Threshold system

      Admiral Kevin Mangles entered the bridge of the UNSC Bonhomme Richard, looked out the main view port at the nauseating green of Slipspace, and sighed. It had been one week since the fall of Reach, and things were looking grim. There had been no contact from any of the ships that had escaped Reach so far, especially the Pillar of Autumn; which carried the only known Spartan super-soldiers. The Bonhomme Richard had been given the task of finding that ship, as Humanity's fate could very well lie on that ship and her cargo.

      The Bonhomme Richard was one of the most powerful ships in the fleet. Well over three kilometers long, it was the first true Human-Covenant hybrid. Equipped with tri-MAC guns, shields, a totally new reactor system, and even an experimental plasma torpedo system, in addition to the standard Archer missile pods and 50mm autocannons. She was also equipped with four SHIVA nuke tubes: two in the bow and two in the stern.

      However, this was almost nothing compared to what she carried; a group of soldiers only rivaled by the Spartans themselves. Composed of the best soldiers available, this team of crack-commandos was specially trained in teamwork, stealth tactics, and marksmanship. They were, for lack of a better word, perfect. Their Commander, Oni Yazuka, was one of the bravest men in the UNSC. Trained specifically in stealth action, he is often referred to as the "Ghost's Shadow." The number two man in the unit, Sergey Arkadeyevich, was so ferocious in close combat that he is often called "Sergey the Devil," and was eve rumored to haven taken down a Hunter with his K-Bar combat knife. The Russian taught the team every aspect of close combat he could, but none of them were really his equal. The next man was Louis Loiselle. Quick as a fox, he was the team's forward scout. The Frenchman was also known to be an extremely good shot with his modified MA5B assault rifle. Next came the unit's long-riflemen, Dieter and Homer. Both were near perfect shots, and regularly competed against one another for the top spot. The next man on the roster was the group's tech expert, Timothy Noonan. Skilled in using and maintaining just about every piece of electronical equipment in the galaxy, he was responsible for both making sure every uber-cool gadget the unit owned was in working order as well as using some of those devices in the field. He was also a bit of an artist with his p-343 submachine gun. There is also Julio "Oso" Vega, the heavy support man. He was responsible for laying the smack down on the Covenant troops with his man-portable M-41 12.7mm chaingun, usually when all hell broke loose and stealth was out of the question. By far the strongest man on the team, he is also one of the toughest, haven once taken four plasma shots to assorted parts of his body, yet still managing to complete the mission and make it back alive. Also on the team is Eddie Price, the explosives specialist. Expert with grenades, mines rocket launchers and various other things that go boom, he, like Oso, usually only provides fire support when stealth is not a factor. Finally, there is the pilot who helps make the whole team possible; Daniel Malloy. One of the best dropship pilots in the UNSC, he excelles n nap-of-the-earth flying as well as the use of his ship's 70mm autocannons. His ship, a heavily modified version of the Pelican, is equipped with the latest in thermoptic camouflage, which masks both the visual and thermal signatures of the ship. It is also equipped with scanner jamming and a noise-reduction system for its engine, making it one of the hardest things to track in the UNSC's arsenal.

      Together, these nine men make up an elite team of men. They strike out of the blue, and when they do, may God have mercy on the poor Covies who will soon know no more. Their MO: swiftly, silently, invisibly. They call themselves: The Wraiths.

      However, there was one ship poised, although unknowingly, to oppose the Richard, that ship was the CCS Lucifer. It was also sent to find out what had happened to the ship that had escaped Reach, and was sent on a course with the Covenant's most holy relic, Halo. They were also sent there to find out why there had been no transmissions coming from that system in the last unit. The ship's commander was the relatively new Ship Master 'Loki Lukamme. The gold-armored Elite stood on his command deck, fiddling with his plasma swords, eventually using it to draw a set of Forerunner symbols in the air with the blades.
Lukamme, however, was not entirely happy with his command position; he preferred to fight on solid ground, plasma swords in hand, than to command the battle from the relative safety of the bridge. However, insubordination meant certain death, and he wasn't about to argue with a Prophet, so he accepted the promotion and departed for the Threshold system, not knowing that he would play a very important role in the days, weeks, and even months to come.

To be continued…