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Comments for 'Halo 2: The Wraiths chapter one; and so it begins'

8:20 pm | August 7, 2003
Lol.. almost all your names came from Rainbow 6...
only the first person didn't. Also, you had all of them play the roles they were in Rainbow 6 as well; Johnson and Dieter were snipers, Julio was the HW man, etc etc etc... nice story =)
2:22 am | April 30, 2003
This is pretty good. Story has potential, if you play your cards right. I've always wanted to write a story involving the allying of Covenant and human forces. I'm interested to see how this plays out. 8.5/10
James Kinsella
12:14 am | April 29, 2003
Yeah, John that was kinda spam. Just warning you cause people will yell if you spam and then you get ignored in comments sections.(just so you know)
10:57 pm | April 28, 2003
8.5/10 Yes Tom Clancy dose rock
James Kinsella
6:34 pm | April 28, 2003
I liked this but you need to use some of the available html to indent, italicise, and bold.
John Morris
3:03 pm | April 28, 2003
BTW I just posted a new story, it should be posted today or tomorrow, it's short, but I would appreciate feedback, I'm hopeing this 1st person story will be a welcom break from the road to Earth series which I will finish in due time
the author
1:23 pm | April 28, 2003
Thanks for the comments everyone, especially Steele.Oh, and to boa: maybey...
11:09 am | April 28, 2003
Will the gold elite help the wraiths on halo?
7:48 pm | April 27, 2003
Good Job, I myself use a Dramatis Personae. 8.5/10. Few Problems that I noticed:
1. Italicize ship names using [i]blahblah[/i].
2. The Covenant would not name one of their ships the Lucifer. They wouldn't. They use names dealing with mediatation and that sort of stuff. Try stuff like: The Divine and Tranquil Thoughts or stuff along that line. Try to keep the characterization in line with the books and games, man. Keep it up.
4:53 pm | April 27, 2003
Tom clancy rocks. Oh and my firt statment, I typed it in a big hurry. good story.
the author
4:19 pm | April 27, 2003
yes, i do enyoy covert missions with commandos.
also, Tom Clancy is my favorite author
Shadow Spartan
3:21 pm | April 27, 2003
lol, you used the main characters from Rainbow Six and the mission statement for Ghost Recon...seems like you enjoy covert type missions like those, i didn't mind it, it was pretty good 8/10
the author
3:14 pm | April 27, 2003
yes, i did read Rainbow Six, and yes I did borrow some names
2:51 pm | April 27, 2003
Some played rainbow six. Or maby you read the book.