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Hunters: A Story of Life, Death, and Neck Extension, Pt. 1
Posted By: whoknew<whoknew134@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 November 2002, 3:48 pm

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      His name was Saglazael, and he was a Hunter. As one of the species of the highest-ranking species of the Covenant, he had the power to do almost anything. His armor was impenetrable by any weapon known to man or covenant, excluding explosives. He could destroy anything with his Fuel Rod Cannon, including a record blast of 20 marines with one shot. He was almost all-powerful, as his chain of command was his commander, the prophets, and then god. One day he aspired to be a commander. It was the highest position in the military, and he was proud to serve.
      It had been almost 2 years since the incident at Halo. His friend, Darzal-Na, was killed by what the humans called a Marine. This "Marine" had found the weak spot of the back in the full body armor that the hunters wore in combat. The .50 caliber magnum from the "Pistol" was all that was needed to kill her. He thought of Darzal-Na and how honorably he was killed- Saglazael hoped to die like that, if he ever did. He could remember it vividly- the combat stims made everything move in slow motion. Darzal-Na had seen the weapon fire. Saglazael was sure that if he hadn't jumped in front of him, he would have been hit in the slits in the armor for his eyes. It was no matter- he would have to keep fighting.
      He was brought back to where he was by the commander of his troop, Dizar'ta. Dizar'ta put up a map on the door of his pod on the dropship. He was to drop onto the human home world, "Earth," and then proceed to drop a special beacon that would allow the targeting of the earth's core by the Bombers. The Earth's core was irregular, and it spun reverse to almost all other planets in the galaxy that the covenant had encountered. He remembered the last time he placed the beacon, on Reach. On Reach, he had encountered a "Spartan-" it definitely put up a fight but was no match for the large shield attached to his left arm. He then placed the beacon, was dusted off by a dropship, and watched the planet boil down to glass. In his memories he was back on his ship, the "Sentinel," he was briefed that he was to go to Halo to stop the Humans from unleashing the beast. The ship then entered Slipspace, traveling faster than light toward Halo. The Covenant's ships were faster and more accurate, so they were able to go past the humans, and prepare. He was then told that he was to board the "Pillar of Autumn" and destroy the remaining Spartan onboard. It had killed an elite, and the prophets did not like that. They were approaching Halo now, and he boarded the boarding craft that was to take him to his unforeseen destiny. He said a prayer to hi s gods, and then went off. (This is only the beginning of this fan fic. Expect more fighting in the future :P )