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Comments for 'Hunters: A Story of Life, Death, and Neck Extension, Pt. 1'

The sword of the Admiral
7:34 pm | November 25, 2002
It was kinda similar to my writing style, but not quite. And as for bruce being able to post, it's because he's posting at n internet cafe, NOT his house. But since he's going back home, he's not gonna b able to post nymore. :(
4:54 pm | November 21, 2002
25% done... coming along nicely, if anyone wants to give me suggestions as to what actually happens, be my guest.
10:59 pm | November 20, 2002
It was rather hard to understand with such big paragaphs. If you could make it so everytime he was saying something different to make a new paragraph that would make it more understandable. Try not to say such things as "he boarded the boarding ship" or dropped a dropship it makes it hard to understand. Othere then the ussual first time thing it's great.
P.S. I have written my own story if you wanna check it out. I will be sending in my next chapter soon.
7:34 pm | November 20, 2002
If you got banned, how come you can still post? It makes no sense! AAAaaaagh!! anyways, nice story. I can see you have a pretty in-depth storyline coming along here, and i'm glad that i read this in my spare time instead of doing (ugh) homework. However, yeah, you might wanna spread things out, and focus on explaining one thing at a time so everyone knows where you're coming from. Good luck!
3:29 pm | November 20, 2002
Kyle can still read fan fiction, just cant post comments.
3:24 pm | November 20, 2002
The comments wars was when ppl strted to abuse the comments section of the HBO FF page. Nyways, it got out of hand: ppl mpersonating each other, posting 12 comments at a time(the reason Kyle got banned), and using the comments section as an HTML xperimentation place thingy(The reason I got banned). Louis set up a vote to see if we should keep the comments or delete them. The result cameout pro-commenting, but those who had abused the comments had been tagged and were kicked out. So you{ve got to watch your mouth when posting. You don{t want to get banned, do you?
3:00 am | November 20, 2002
dont forget to bring a towel....................yall wanna get high? OK .................WHAT IS THE COMMENTS WARS?
Neco Divad
8:35 pm | November 19, 2002
You mean that if you are banned in the forum, you're banned here too? You can't submit new stories!? That was a close one. With the Elves and all. Can you still read Kyle? It was a good story but a little to much like my first Elites Legend (the whole journal thing). I'm going to try rewriting that one as soon as I get a chance. Schools taking up too much of my time.
4:57 pm | November 19, 2002
Hey sarge... you mean that in a good way? :P 85% done with the thinking through. total percent done: 8%
3:51 pm | November 19, 2002
Well at least the FF comments section...
3:38 pm | November 19, 2002
Kyle got kicked out of HBO after the comments wars...
2:46 am | November 19, 2002
hey what happened to kyle
2:21 am | November 19, 2002
Lol no you don't! Not even comparisson available between you two lol.
10:30 pm | November 18, 2002
you write like Kyle (who was a fan fic writer here)
4:39 pm | November 18, 2002
I guess your right about too much info... I sort of write like Tom Clancy, if you know what I mean. :P
4:39 pm | November 18, 2002
Thank you for you comments. i will begin work on the next installment today, 11/18/02. If you want it longer it will take longer, so expect it to be done by friday. that is all for now.
7:54 pm | November 17, 2002
Too short and hurried. With all that information it could be stretched out to be 2 or 3 times as long as it was, and be easier to read. Is the whole series going to be in his memories about Halo or the attack on Earth?
4:52 am | November 17, 2002
It jumped around too much. go a little more in depth. more explanation next time. blah blah blah. keep it up.
1:23 am | November 16, 2002