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No Ither Alternative Part 3
Posted By: Watsaru<weston212@Mail.com>
Date: 9 April 2004, 5:59 PM

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A sentinal came into the shafts but the Chief blew it down with one shot. "Cortana,were are the Aumtumn's engines?" "In the engineering level,we should be able to acces it if we go through Cryo 2." The Chief kicked in the door. Parez was there fighting off som STF Elites. "Chief,thank god! I need some help here!" He dodged a plasma grenade and rolled off to the side to avoid the explosion. The Chief took out his RL and blew those friggin Elites to Kingdom Kuhm. "Thanks,Chief." "No prob." The Chief heard a squid-like noise and looked behind him. Hundreds of flood carriers were comeing after the both of them. "Time to go,Chief!" Said Cortana. The Chief took out his SG and started shooting them,but just to make more flood virus carriers. He whipped out his RL again and blew'em all away with one shot. "Nice shot,Chief."

The Chief ducked as a rocket wizzed past his head. "Ok,Parez,this is were you come in." H ehanded him his RL. "You go on,I'll hold them off as you blow the engines to Kingdom Kuhm." Parez nodded and made his tward the engines.

"Chief,I'm at the engines." "Good,just press the switches and shoot the engines as they come into view." "Yes-what the hell is that?'You must surrender the construct to me now! I do not ant to take it by force,but,if I must I must.' CHIEF! I HAVE MULTIPLE SENTINELS ON MY TAIL!" "Blast'em with your shotgun,one shot should do it!*BLAM,BLAM!*'CHIEF,IT ISN'T WORKING! THEY HAVE SHIELDS,I CAN'T PENETR-*KZZZZZZZZZZT!* OH,NOOOOOOO!*Thud**KZZZZZZZZZZT,KZZZZZT!*PAREZ,PAREZ!?" The Chief got up and ran for the engine room blasting flood all the way. "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR,RRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" He kept yelling as he blasted his way to the engine room. He saw GuiltySParka dn started shooting it,but his bullets just bounced off.He picked up the RL from Parez's dead body. "Rest well,Corporal." The Chief went over to one of the switches and toggled the button.

He blasted the last engine. "Chief,that did it! We need to move out,scanning....Come in,Echoe 419,do you read me? Over?'I read you Cortana,good to hear from ya.' The Chief and I need immediate dust-off. Meet us at the main junction point.'Roger,Cortana,Echoe 419 in-bound.'Chief,there's an elevtaor that can take us to the top.Just follow the Nav Point."The Chief kicked in a door and barged in,ready for anything. "Er,Cortana? Where's the lift?" Then it came into view,with Covenent on it. The Chief paused and stared,and so did the Covenent.It was thirty seconds of total silence when,"Chief,today would be good?" He took out his SG and blew all of them away. A grunt had a fuel-rod gun and it exploded.The Chief got onto the lift. Explosions started,everywhere. "Echoe 419,think you can speed things up a bit?'Roger that,Cortana. Be there shortly.'"The Chief got off the elevator and made his way to a warthog and got in. He lowered the visor and the kleys dropped into his hand.He put them into the ignission and turned the key. "Let's rock."He pounded the gas and zoomed off.

"Echoe 419,the Chief and I need extraction now,ON THE DOUBLE!'Roger,Cortana,Foehammer on approach.'" The Chief ramped over an edge and landed on the junction point."Wait,stop! This is where Foehammer is going to pick us up." Foehammer came around the corner,and so did two Covenent Banshees. "Foehammer,two Covenet Banshees comeing at you from your six,evade,I repeat,evade!'AUGH! DAMN,I'VE BEEN HIT! ENGINES FAILING! CORTANA,CHIEF,FORGET IT! MOVE,ON!*Static*'Echoe 419!..........She's gone,there's nothing we can do.Scanning....Cargo readings shows that there is still one long sword fighter decked in the main launc bay.If we move now,we can still make it!" The chief stomped the pedal of the gas and moved tward the main launch bay.

The Chief zoomed over the ramp and landed."There's the ship! We need to get aborad,NOW!" He got ou and ran toward the long sword fighter.A flodd jumped at him,but he dodged it and turned to fire when Cortana said,"CHIEF! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? GET ABORAD THE SHIP NOW!" He jumped tward the door and just made it in. He immediatley got up and closed the dorr,but a Covenent pryed the door open with its claws,but only to be met with the Chief's pistol to it's face.

The Aumtumn exploded.It sent parts of the ring flying into other parts. The engines started to go critical. "Shut them down,we'll need them later." The Chief leened back into the chair. "Fancy a look?" Said Cortana. He got up and walked to the window. "Did anyone else make it?" "Scanning.........Nothing. Nothing but dust and echoes. We're all that's left. The flood,Parez,the marines........An entire Covenent Armada OBLITERATED! We're all that's left! But we did what we had to do! We had no other alternative!" The Chief sat down in the pilots chair. "Halo,it's over..." "No,I think it's just beginning."