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Comments for 'No Ither Alternative Part 3'

12:57 am | May 12, 2004
jake plummer
12:56 am | May 12, 2004
i think that all of you are nerds and yall need to get a life.
11:24 am | April 21, 2004
Wat the fuck is an SG? And is this a story version of The Library, because even though i skim-read it it reminded me a lot of that level.
i.e. it sucked nuts!

10:06 pm | April 13, 2004
Not good... but I think NO ONE has the right to tell a person to stop writing (fan fic or otherwise). Never mess with Halo's plot. You can mess with the books... but that is the limit. Keep trying.
Nick Kang
1:05 am | April 13, 2004
lol BloCoD.

8:38 pm | April 12, 2004
That was too cool for school, dude, loved it, your detail is so compelling and intriguing. But guess what . . .

I'm lying! And using a different name:

CoLd + BlooDed = BloCod.

Nick Kang
6:59 pm | April 12, 2004
And tom, you're also obviously watsaru trying to make it look like ppl actually LIKE your stories. You would have to be very, very, very drunk to actually think this is worth it.
6:09 pm | April 12, 2004
holy fucking shit dude.
that... was.... so... AWESOME!!!!
The Silver Spartan
5:47 pm | April 12, 2004
Hey Unknown, you are obviously Watsaru prentending to be someone else to save what little dignaty you HAD left. So nice try moron.
CoLd BlooDed
10:23 pm | April 11, 2004
Then why don't you respond,or put spaces after commas?(Much like I just did)
Nick Kang
10:12 am | April 11, 2004
If you meant 'shotgun', please just write shotgun so you won't confuse us.
7:19 am | April 11, 2004
Yeah,I know this place exists.
7:15 am | April 11, 2004
I think he ment ShotGun(SG).
The Silver Spartan
1:24 am | April 11, 2004
Seriously most people would say that I am a nice person, but I just can't be nice to you, I would be if you:

A: Stopped writing FanFic
B: Learned more than second grade English
C: Post a positive comment in one of my stories! Jk, that wouldn't work.

Your story had so much potential *cough cough* lLke everyone else said DO NOT MODIFY THE PLOT OF HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED!!!!! PERIOD!!! And your diologue, ugh! Someone would have to pay me about one million dollars to repeat anything 'your' charecters said. Dude, I thought my first story sucked but, well, I guess my first story is starting to look like something that Jillybean or c0ld vengence wrote when compaired to yours! And I'm sorry I even mentioned your names in this horrible storie's comment section.

An exript from the story: "The Chief took out his RL and blew those friggin Elites to Kingdom Kuhm. "Thanks,Chief." "No prob." The Chief heard a squid-like noise and looked behind him. Hundreds of flood carriers were comeing after the both of them. "Time to go,Chief!" Said Cortana. The Chief took out his SG and started shooting them,but just to make more flood virus carriers. He whipped out his RL again and blew'em all away with one shot."
Ok that is painful to even put in this comment... The thing that disturbs me the most was that the Chief killed hundreds of "Carrier Forms" with one shot from a "RL". And another thing, a "Squid-like" noise, I didn't know Squid made noise!!! I mean really!

Guys, if I ever write something this bad than please shoot me with an "SG" lol!

Overall 0/10.
Nick Kang
7:23 pm | April 10, 2004
And do us a favor, Watsaru, either take a good class of ist grade English, as sarge said, or STOP WRITING THIS SERIES!

Of course that's only if you know ths comments section exists.

*There is no fury like Nick Kang pissed off!*
6:00 pm | April 10, 2004
Oh yeah this guys must be the most popular author on the site. All these ppl r goin crazy over his stories.



this story is retarted
5:58 pm | April 10, 2004
Heh, Mainevent...

You can just feel the love radiating from this comment section, huh?
5:58 pm | April 10, 2004
and you spelt other wrong take a gfood class of 1 grade engish
Nick Kang
5:56 pm | April 10, 2004
I cange my rating to a 2.7/10

I was in a good mood when I rated it the first time.
5:54 pm | April 10, 2004
tis storys suxs. no detail at all. dumb plot. really moronik. dumb, as NK said.
4:26 pm | April 10, 2004
I stumbled in here by accident. What is this magical place? Comments for stories or something? I wish my story had a comments section. ;p
12:39 pm | April 10, 2004
I still think it sucks. you have messed with Halo's plot, and for that you must burn! oh, and the Grammar was horrible to. But, there was some spacing out. Just end this series now, and make a new one, with a storyline that folows the.....storyline. Have someone proofread it, use the spellcheck, and HTML, and you're good to go, altho some more detail would be nice.


P.S.: I cant shake the feeling that im talking to a 6-year old who dosn't even know the comments section exists....
Nick Kang
10:30 am | April 10, 2004
Yoou have improved. I did notice that your writing style WAS a bit better, but your gramatical errors and lack of detail sucked. And what is an SG? Perhaps you ment SMG, cause you called it an SG through the entire story. And I also noticed that Parez is no longer a super marine. So let's do the math.

Bad grammar/spelling, -1, Semi-super marine, -.5, still no overall plot, -1, lack of much detail, -1, Warping a level from Halo with in-game dialogue, -.5.

Overall, 6/10

Better than your last.