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No Other Alternative Part 2
Posted By: Watsaru<weston212@Mail.com>
Date: 3 April 2004, 6:41 PM

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Foehammer touched down on the frosted peaks of the mountain region."Sir,how're we supposed to get to the top? The corps issued me a rifle,not wings." "Easy,there's a banshee hanger near here,about 150 clicks. We commandeer a couple of them,me,you,and Parez are going.The rest of the marines are backup." Parez took out his pistol and checked the barrel. "Sir,do you think we can make it?" The Chief looked over at him. "I'm not sure.Motion tracker shows thousands of enemys." Parez took out his AR. "Thousands,eh? Save a few for me,Chief." The Chief laughed. "Will do,Parez."

They charged into the hanger firing in every direction,but there was nothing to shoot. "All dead.." The Chief walked over to opne of the flood's corpses and kicked it. "Yeah,definatley dead." Parez came around the corner. "Sir,one of the banshees is missing." The Chief stiffined. "What?!" He followed Parez. "You said there were four,right?" He counted them,only three. "This is bad,one of the flood or covenent must've escaped." Parez looked at him sternly. "It was a flood,sir." The Chief walked over to him. "A flood now has a banshee? Not good,if it takes over the banshee,it could make a,a,a super flood." Parez laughed. "A 'Super Flood'?That sounds like something out of a comic book." The Chief got into one of the banshees. "Let's go,Parez." Parez hopped into the next one. "Corporal,here's the plan. We fly these banshees up to the main power grid and knock out the power to the canyon. Then,I tap into the teleportation grid while this black-out has taken affect. Then,I'll be able to teleport us to the Pillar of Autumn." They flew up to the main power control center and landed. "Ok,inside,go,go,go!" They opened the door and sneaked in. "Cortana,we need the best course of action to sneak past the flood." "Well,with those numbers,it's practically impossible. But there might be a way..The main ventalation shaft leads to the power grid.Try that." The Chief bashed in a grate and jumped into the ventalation shaft. "Parez,you next." Parez jumped up and the Chief grabbed his hand and helped him up.They crawled to the main power grid. "Ok,Chief,do what you do best." The Chief took out his pistol and blasted the power grid. "Ok,hacking." The door suddenly blasted open and flood started to poor into the room. "Parez,let's go!" They went to town on the flood with their AR's. "Cortana,any prgress yet?" "Almost,Chief,give me a few more seconds." He and Parez kept blasting them,and then a flood came in with a rocket launcher. "Ah,Cortana,now would be a good time to spedd up the operation!" "Done,teleporting....NOW!" They disapeared.

They landed on the Pillar of Autumn. "Ok,good." Suddenly,the Chief fell down. "Hmmmm,wrong coordinates.." The Chief punched the left side of his head. "Right,sorry." The Chief helped up Parez and dusted him off. "Ok Cortana,let's go." They pushed forward into the Autumn. "Nothing at all,where are they?" He got up from his knee. "Noting,completely barren.." Suddenly something whapped him from behind. "Not funny,Parez." "It wasn't me, sir." A shot came from mid air and hit him. "Agh,what the hell...?" He took out his AR and shot in every direction. Parez ducked avoiding the bulets. Suddenly a flood dropped and came into view. "An active camo.." He kicked it's corpse. "Damn things..." He pushed on. "Cortana,we need some heavy wepons.Where's the armory?" "Just follow the arrows." He looked down. An arrow was pointing ahead labeled,'Armory'. "Oh,er,move it!" He moved into the armory and took out a STF (Special Task Force) Elite. "Parez,over there,we need those." Parez picked up a Rocket Launcher. "Nice choice,sir." He grinned. "Only four shots,but it's worth it." The Chief picked up a shot gun. "Lock and load."

The Chief whapped the grunt in the breathing apparatus and cracked it open. The grunt starting gasping for breath and finally fell over,dead. "Chief,here. We're at the main deck. Insert me into the computer." The Chief took out Cortana's chip and inserted it into the main hard-drive. Her holographic immage came into view on the holo-pad. She looked around. "I leave home for a few days,and this happens."Two beams of energy came from the window and blasted the main CPU Screen. "Chief,now would be a good time to leave."

The Chief jumped into a hole as an energy beam whizzed past his head. "Cortana,now what?" "I got it,Chief. Get out of this hole and run to the utility shafts.We can take cover in there." He pulled out his shotgun and jumped out of the hole,strafeing to the left and firing. The utility door slid open and he rolled inside.