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Comments for 'No Other Alternative Part 2'

CoLd BlooDed
7:33 pm | April 9, 2004
Unknown, you have no idea what makes a good story, do you? Did you not see the punctuation, grammar and spelling errors? Did you not see how the author didn't give us any detail or description?

All of the above, my friend, if used correctly, makes one hell of a story. If I were to give this story a rating, I'd give it a 2 or 3 outta 10.
Nick Kang
5:13 pm | April 9, 2004
No detail, -1. Super Marine, -1, abnormally bad grammar, -1, dialogue from game, -1, welded sentences, -1, no overall plot, -1.

5:04 pm | April 9, 2004
I took the liberty of ACTUALLY READING THIS STORY COMPLETELY. 8/10. He took some stuff from the game,-1 point. and his sentences were welded together,-1 point. Overall it's good.
Nick Kang
12:43 pm | April 9, 2004
The best recipe for a bad story is taking dialogue from Halo levels.
CoLd BlooDed
3:52 am | April 9, 2004
Heh, I can see you stole dialogue out of the game and the E3 Demo. Great job, you just made a piece of crap story. If you're over 13, don't write again.
Nick Kang
7:33 pm | April 7, 2004
I can feel my brain rotting from the inside! The horrible grammar will be burned into the back of my head forever! Even suggestions would not help this stoory...its a lost cause!!!

12:11 am | April 6, 2004
No Wiley, it's more like:

*while eyes are bleeding* My eyes! MY EYES!

I'm sorry that there seems to be no way to rate this, as it is too far below par.
2:26 pm | April 5, 2004
my eyes, my eyes!

the horror....