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Life of a Marine Chapter 1: Suprised
Posted By: WannabeMarine<WannabeMarine97@netscape.net>
Date: 19 November 2003, 10:45 PM

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Private Alex Little dove behind the overturned warthog. If he knew how to drive it, he would have. He rolled up into a crouch, and sat there, catching his breath. He looked behind him, as his squad of six, including himself, found cover. The sky rained blue plasma, landing all around the forest. Gunshots were everywhere. The small of burnt flesh, both human and covenant, befouled the ground around them. Corpses lay askew. To make it worse, it had been raining for days, soaking through their fatigues.

"Little," called Lieutenant Bigsley over the noise of battle, "cover us, we are going to sneak into those trees over there!" He pointed at a small cluster of trees. Alex quickly surveyed the area, what appeared to be a clearing in a forest. Well, what used to be a forest. It was now smashed from constant battle. Dead trees lay around like a hurricane had swept through. It had turned from a forest to a marsh, covered in mud.

Alex nodded, and the group slowly made their way towards the cluster of trees. Alex slammed another clip into his assault rifle, and lay prone next to the Warthog, watching their advance. The other marines looked around hesitantly, and made it to the trees. When they did, Bigsley motioned for Alex to come and join them. Alex stood up, and was about to run towards them, when disaster struck.

Out of the sky, a large glowing plasma orb was hurtling right for the marines crouching in the dead trees. Alex realized this in horror, and tried to call out to them. But it was too late. The artillery crashed through the tree and exploded with such a force, Alex was thrown to the ground, into a pit of mud, a few feet deep. He sloshed around for a moment, and then began to choke on the thick mud. He tried to climb out of the pit, but the more he struggled, the more he was trapped. Slowly he began to come to his senses. He was running out of air, and he needed to breath badly. Slowly, he wiggled his hand upward like a snake, to weave through the mud. His hand reached the surface, and began to try to wiggle his arm free. But, suddenly, his hand was grabbed by another hand, and it yanked him to the surface with such force it almost ripped his shoulder out of his socket. It let Alex go, and he scrambled out of the pit, and staggered over to the left of it, where he coughed up the mud in his throat and sucked in huge gasps of air. He wiped up as much mud as he could out of his eyes. Slowly, he turned around to the person who had saved him. He looked into the face of a smiling Elite, plasma rifle in hand.

Alex trembled in fear. The Elite jumped across the wide pit like it was nothing, and land inches away from where Alex crouched. Alex jumped backwards, and rolled. The Elite fired 3 shots, all 3 missing by inches. Alex rolled to his feet. He was doomed. He had no backup, no way of escape. And even if he did, how was he supposed to get out a forest swarming with other covenant.

The Elite lunged at Alex, swiping his gun like a sword. Alex's instincts kicked in, and he jumped to the left just in time. But the Elite, predicting this, rammed his elbow into Alex's side. Alex was sent flying, landing almost in the pit of mud.

He screamed in pain. My goddamn ribs are broken, he thought painfully to himself. Life was pulling away from him. The Elite chuckled in his foul language, and slowly began to walk over to Alex. Everything was going black. But he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Something shiny…his gun! He turned his head to see his gun lying a few feet from his head. He crawled over…so close…He reached out his hand to grab it, but an armored blue foot came down onto the rifle, crushing it. He looked up to see the Elite pointing the plasma rifle to his head. He was about to give up, when he thought of an idea. Alex grabbed a handful of mud and lobbed it into the mask of the Elite.

The Covenant warrior reeled back in pain, as the mud struck his eyes. Alex acted quickly, and yanked the plasma rifle from its hands with one, sharp tug. He turned it toward the groaning Elite, and squeezed the trigger.