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Comments for 'Life of a Marine Chapter 1: Suprised'

11:03 pm | December 3, 2003
hurry up and make part 2...it has real potential
8:23 pm | November 23, 2003
Not bad, especially if this is your first post. I didn't see any major grammatical errors (and precious few minor ones), so no complaints there. Wouldn't have hurt to make it a little longer and be more descriptive, but I'm sure that as your first post your were anxious to get something out there and make a name for yourself. Understandable. Look forward to seeing more from you.
1:03 pm | November 22, 2003
Well, the mud trick would have worked, but Elites have helmets. And shielding. So it wouldn't do much but clog his eyesite until it dripped away. Anyway, the story was okay. 8.5/10. Welcome to HBO.

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