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One Last Bullet
Posted By: Walker<likethisismyemail@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 December 2003, 10:50 PM

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I woke up bloody
Torn and gashed
My scars were deep
My spirit mashed

I was surrounded by dead
And was soon them to join
I could feel my life fading
So I girded my loins

And searched for a weapon
A lifesaving grace
A rifle, a pistol
Blood dripped from my face

Finally I pulled
From a dead soldier's hands
A near-empty pistol
Dirtied with sands

I cleaned it well
And checked the action
I soon found it
To be to my satisfaction

I saw that it had
But one last bullet
One for the trigger
To fire when I'd pull it

I toyed with the idea
Of a suicide stand
A charge against the foe
To by their hand

Or maybe by mine,
My suffering to end
One last bullet
Down that barrel to send

But the choice was not mine
To make on this day
God had decided
I'd die another way

He sent to my hole
Dirty and wet
An enemy patrol
Ready and set

To take my life from me
Like the rest of my friends
Like all of my comrades
I'd soon meet my end

I peeked up my head
Just enough to see
The enemies approaching
Across the field of misery

They were armed well
And did not expect
Any of my kind
To survive what we met

When they struck us first
Just one day ago
When they took from us life
That merciless foe

But now here I was
In just the position
To give them a change
In their composition

My bullet would strike
Just where I'd send it
I'd send it so well
Upon my life to end it

The Elite in the front?
Or the one in the back?
Perhaps one of the Grunts
To fall down with a crack

Or maybe a Jackal
Hiding behind its cowardly shield
To my bullet at least
Its ghost would yield

Finally I choose
And just in time
The enemy patrol
Would pay for their crime

Against all my people
Against all my race
Against all my happiness
And against my face

The face that wouldn't smile
Ever again
To scarred and dead
Was its expression then

I raised the pistol
And with all my might
I pulled the trigger
And ended my fight

My pistol fell
My hands too weak
The Elite who died
Tried to speak

But from his neck gushed blood
And so there his voice died
His comrades moved on
None stopped and cried

They were more alert now
More ready to fight
More ready to kill me
And end my plight

Little did they know
The bullet that struck
Was the last one of mine
Found in the muck

So as they came closer
I merely waited to die
Just as they found me
Black covered my eye

I lost my vision
But was still able to breathe
For a few seconds longer
The air yielded to me

Just as the enemy's sword
Came down into my chest
I knew it was over
The life I loved best