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Searching for the Past-A Halo/G Gundam Crossover
Posted By: Ultra Sonic 007
Date: 10 April 2003, 4:01 AM

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All is black.

Then, a spotlight turns on.

A man in a red overcoat and red pants sits on a stool. He wears a pink shirt underneath his coat. He wears a green bowtie. He also wears an eye patch over his right eye.

His black hair is slicked back, and his black mustache is trimmed to perfection.

He then turns his blue eye to the audience.

"Welcome everyone. I am glad to see you have returned for the 14th Gundam Fight Tournament! But before I begin, you must first hear a little story of how it began."

A TV monitor comes into view, and it shows the rising of the colonies.

"Many years ago, many nations split away from Earth, forming their own colony nations. Before the colonies split away from Earth, there was much debate over whether or not it was right for this to occur, and this happened either with politics...or weapons. Yes, war was common before the colonies came into being, but there was fear that war would erupt soon after the colonies became fixed in space."

Then, it shows a plethora of Gundams.

"To solve this problem, the leaders of Earth and the colony nations decided to form a tournament. Yes, a tournament...a tournament of Gundams! It is called the Gundam Fight. Every four years, each colony nation sends its representative Gundam Fighter to Earth."

Still shots of Gundams fighting are now seen on the monitor.

"And they fight, and they fight, and they continue fighting! Until one Gundam remains! The winner of the Gundam Fight Tournament earns the title 'Gundam of Gundams'! And the colony nation represented by the champion earns the right to rule all the colony nations until the next tournament!"

The man sighs, and he swivels around, so that his back is visible to the audience.

"The colonies have come up with a war based on good sportsmanship. However, one problem remains...it concerns the denizens of Earth...for you see, this Gundam Fight takes place on Earth. Yes, the grimy planet on which we live. However, the last Gundam Fight had quite an unusual story to it..."

The monitor then shows a group of five fighters.

"These fighters are known as the Shuffle Alliance, the elite fighters of the colony nations! Of Neo-America is Chibodee Crocket and his Gundam Maxter!! From Neo-China, Sai Saici and his Dragon Gundam! From Neo-France, George De Sand and his Gundam Rose! From Neo-Russia, Argo Gulskii and Bolt Gundam! And last but not least, we mustn't forget Domon Kasshu, pupil of the Undefeated of the East, and the King of Hearts! He is the leader of the Shuffle Alliance, and represents Neo-Japan with his Burning Gundam! And to add even more value to his name, he is also the victor of the previous Gundam Fight Tournament!"

"Now you may ask, what purpose do these five serve? You shall see, as they play a key role in a story...a story that began before the Gundam Fight, or even Gundams existed!"

The man throws away his coat, and then takes off his eye patch, revealing a perfectly normal blue eye.

"Let's get things started! Gundam Fight all set! Ready, GO!!!"

Gundam Fight Begins: Ready, Go!

The King of Hearts ruffled up his black hair, and he tied a red bandana around his forehead. He wore the same red cloak from the previous tournament, as well as the same black denim pants. However, this time he wore a white T-shirt instead of his tan-colored jacket.

"There. I think I've captured my old image, don't you think Rain?"

The brown-haired woman stepped forward from behind the Gundam Fighter. She wore a simple black nightgown, but her normally slim body now had a rotund belly on it.

Rain smiled as she leaned on Domon Kasshu's shoulder. "Yeah...I think you have."

Domon grinned. "I'll be back soon Rain."

"Just be careful Domon. I don't want our child to grow up without a father."

"Don't worry Rain...I'll be fine." With on small peck on his wife's cheek, Domon left the room.

Rain rubbed her stomach, eyes to the desk where it showed the trophy...the trophy that signified Domon's victory in the 13th Gundam Fight.

"I hope so..."


The city looked like a normal city...trees lining the sidewalks in the suburbs. A sprawling metropolis. The occasional park. Even a mountain shaped like Mount Fuji. However, the titanium dome that covered the entire expanse replaced a normal blue sky. Such was the way of Neo-Japan's cities. The dome supplied breathable air, normal Earth pressure, and regulated weather changes depending on the demands of the populous and the environment.

Only Domon's head and feet were visible, his red cloak covering the rest of his body. He left the apartment complex where he and Rain lived, and he started walking over to the garage where his Burning Gundam was kept when his arm was tapped.


Domon turned around to see a familiar girl. The girl wore a blue T-shirt, blue denim jeans, and a pink vest. The girl smiled as she stroked her light-turquoise hair. "Hi Domon!"

Domon smiled. "Hello Allenby. What are you doing here in Neo-Japan?"

The girl gave a silly grin as she replied, "Oh, I just came to see you before I head back to Neo-Sweden to prepare for the Gundam Fight."

"Oh, so you're entering again this year?"


Domon chuckled. "Good. I was hoping to see at least one familiar face in this year's tournament. I haven't heard from the other members of the Shuffle Alliance in about a year now."

"Oh really? What about Rain? When's the baby coming?"

Domon stopped right there, his face becoming beet red. He then glared at Allenby and growled, "Who told you that?"

Allenby's green eyes had a mischievous look to them as she said, "Your dad."

Domon scoffed. "I should've known..." Domon quickened his walking pace before looking back at his old friend. "Well, I'm going to be leaving for Earth soon. It was good seeing you again Allenby."

Allenby brushed a bit of dust off her blue T-shirt before replying. "It was nice to see you again as well!"

Domon chuckled as he stopped outside the garage. The gray metal door stretched over three-hundred feet above his head, and its width was twice that.

He tapped a few numbers in the electric lock and the garage door opened.

Lying on its back was his Gundam...Burning Gundam.

Its chest section was blue, with a small band of gold across the cockpit area. Metallic pads that were covered blue, and held by a white band covered the crotch area. The shoulder pads curved upward, colored a crimson red. Thin and long metal appendages stretched from his shoulder blades, three for each shoulder blade. Two on each side were white, and the last on each was red. They were currently in their normal position, giving off the image of wings.

The armguards were blue, and a gold piece adorned each. The soles of his feet were colored red, as was his chin. Four golden spikes stretched in upward angles from his forehead, and the eyes were green.

And right now, an old man was working on the gray hands of the Burning Gundam...Dr. Kasshu, Domon's father.

The old man took off his goggles and looked at Domon with his weary eyes. "Hello son."

"Is it ready?"

The old man sighed as he put a power wrench down into his toolbox. "Yep...she's ready. Burning Gundam is ready to go."


The old lady sighed in the darkness.

There was only the singular view of the stars in space as her frigate flew through the vast darkness.

Behind her, a man stood...hidden in the shadows.

The lady, who's voice was withered with age, said, "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

The man sighed. "Please ma'm-"

"You're no longer in the military. You can address me by my name."

"Well...Dr. Halsey, I must head to Earth."

"What makes you think you'll find them on this trip? The previous ones all failed."

"This time I will find a least one of them."

Dr. Halsey's left eyebrow rose in apprehension. "You said that the previous times John..."

The lady turned, her wheelchair pivoting in the room's darkness.

"Think about it John...it has been nearly sixty years since the war...we haven't from any of them in decades...what makes you so sure?"

"I was their Squad Leader. I know their identities...real and fake. Their names would've been published in the annual death reports."

The old lady grinned. Her eyeglasses reflected the light of the sun as it passed near Earth. "Well John... what are you going to do this time around?"

John grinned. "This time, I shall be following the path of a soldier once more. I intend to become a Gundam Fighter. This way I shall cover ground more easily on Earth."

Dr. Halsey remained silent, and then cupped a hand around her chin. "You already have a Gundam...don't you? You probably were going to go, even against my wishes...if they were so, correct?"

"I will not lie...yes, I would have."

"What is it?"

"The Spartan Gundam."

"Based off-"


"You have a repair and maintenance crew?"


"Then you're set."

John grinned. "Thank you...Dr. Halsey. I will find them."

Dr. Halsey smiled as John left the darkened room. "Just...be careful....so far as I know, you're the last one...who will you be representing?"


To be continued...

Everyone it's the moment you've been waiting for! Domon has landed on Earth, and is on his way to New York to see if he could find his old friend Chibodee Crocket in a fight with the Spartan Gundam of Neo-Greece! And Domon also runs into his old friend Argo Gulskii, who has some insight on the design of Chibodee's challenger!

Next time on Mobile Fight G Gundam...

'Return to Earth! Chibodee Falls!'

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