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102nd Recon Division: The Covenant Homeworld: Part 2
Posted By: Team Halo<rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 July 2004, 6:48 PM

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(We are tired of writing, that's why this part is kinda fast and plus, that's why some of us aren't writing good today)

102nd Recon Division: The Covenant Homeworld: Part 2

(DF-Christie's part)

The sergeant kept on walking, still deep behind enemy lines, the attack already happening. "You think the 102nd is doing their job, sir?" asked the spotter. The sergeant looked around. "Because of the noise around us, and the naval battle above us, I would say yes." the Sergeant said back to the spotter. The spotter looked at the sergeant.
"Sir?" she asked, this time looking into the sergeant's eyes. "Yes, corporal?" he asked.
"Well....when we'll reach the capital?" she asked. The sergeant though for a second, realizing that question wasn't her real question. "Probably in the next day."

(Gallagher {The writer that sucks ass}'s part)

Tex started to run a little faster, his determination to reach the crash site. He finally got there, the site surrounded by Covenant Shock Troopers. He cleared a path right through them as he ran to the crash site. MA57 fire ran out through the night. Covenant fell dead around the crash site as Tex ran to the Pelican. He ran inside as the guards gave him cover. A few were dead in their seats, looking like they wanted more than how they died. One of them was the young Pvt. Colin Smith. "Lieutenant!?" he yelled. Immerson was impaled in the leg by a metal pole. "Hey, sergeant!" he yelled, smiling. The sergeant ran over to the lieutenant.
"No offensive, sir. But you look like shit." he said, half laughing. The lieutenant smiled at the sergeant's attempt at humor.
"You look like shit yourself, Tex." he replied, laughing. The sergeant laughed too. Fire ran out in the Covenant Night. The sergeant patted the lieutenant's shoulder, then walked in the cockpit.
"Alpha-Bravo 7, this is Charlie 5, can you help us?" said the radio. The radio operator, Pfc. Charlie Reynolds, answered the call. "That's a negiv...." he was saying until the sergeant took the Comsat away.
"This is Sergeant Tex Williams, I'm coming there now." he said. He walked out of the cockpit, opening the bay door.
"I need volunteers. Constance, Ashton, Keener, Roy Dean. Come with me." he ordered. The marines followed their orders.
"We're candidates for the military voluntary system...again...." said Roy Dean. They ran outside, opening fire onto the Covenant. They ran into the forest, hiding from the Covenant.

(Here's DF-Pliskin's part)

Major Eversmann sat on a chair, ignoring the plasma fire.
"This plan has gone to hell." said the young major. His young aide, Lieutenant Harry Walters, A.K.A. "Shade". Shade simply stood there. The rest of the surviving crew, the radio operator, the co-pilot, and two marines, out of the 14 marines and 6 crew members, were all that was left. They waited for Sergeant Williams to come and rescue them.
"Major, Sir!" yelled a Lance Corporal. The Major got up and looked outside at the forest.
"Well I'll be damned....Open the door, then give them suppressing fire." the major ordered the marines.

Sergeant Williams ran in there, along with Constance, Roy Dean, and Keener. Ashton ran in after them. They stood there, covered in elite blood. They looked like they been through hell and back. The major couldn't think of any words to describe the men who saved their asses.
"Get all of the equipment we and you need. We just need to worry about the naval people to send reinforcements." Tex said.

The Lieutenant sat there. The medics successfully stopped the bleeding in his leg. He looked around.
"Jesus Christ." he said. The marines were planning their next move.
"When this clock reaches 12:30, im going to try to get away from here." they said. They were forming a battle plan. Just then, the bay doors opened, with Tex and the marines. They walked in, tired.
"Lieutenant, I'm Eversmann, it's good to see you, sir." he said to the Lieutenant. The lieutenant looked up.
"Its mighty fine to see you, sir!" he said. The lieutenant saluted the major. The major looked surprised.
"I should be saluting you, You saved my ass." he said.
"No. You should be saluting the sergeant over there. He went without even telling to save you." he said. The major looked stunned. He quickly turned around and saluted the sergeant. The sergeant saluted back.
"Okay, here's the plan."

(Here's (ENS) Rabid X's part)

Adrimal Howells sat in his command seat. He overlooked the battle, surprised to see the Covenant putting up a real fight. He ordered the Dropships to land around the 102nd's Landing Positions.
"Sir. Incoming Message from the Covenant Carrier." one of his radio operators said. The teleview screen came up, reveling a Gold Elite.
"I am Field Marshall Rume Haslajdwee of the Carrier 'Qel Ha'. I wish to surrender." he said. The adrimal didn't know what to do. He knew the Covenant didn't surrender. He wanted to take him in, but he knew ONI would want to dissect the elite.
"Stand by." he said. He walked over to the Transportation Officer on the bridge of the 'Juggernaut".
"I need you to try out the new beam system." he said. The transportation nodded, then pressed a few quick buttons. The elite was surrounded by light, then he appeared in front of the Adrimal.
"Just like Star Trek..." the adrimal said. The elite smiled at Adrimal Howells's joke.
"We used to pick that up on the radio waves." the elite said. The Adrimal laughed, along with the elite.

Meanwhile, the Pelicans and the Longsword Fighters headed for the planet's surface. The attack was about to begin.

(ENS's own Rabid Kenneth ties it up today)

The Covenant's Saran Gas was almost completed. The Covenant were waiting for the gas to be completed.

Captain Wilson and his team of elite commandos know as "Section VIII" were already on the planet. They were on the outskirts of the city. The crack team of snipers and marksman were heading to the Covenant Chemical Weapon's Plant. Their orders were to take out that Covenant plant. ONI knew about the Saran gas development. The orders of Section VIII were to talk it for samples.

The Covenant sent a division of men to the crashed Pelicans to take the humans hostages. They were going to put them in chambers and test the weapon's capability to kill. The humans won't have a chance.........

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