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Posted By: Team Halo<rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com>
Date: 12 July 2004, 6:11 PM

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(We ain't no super writers like Agent_Shade or the other writers. Don't judge us. Remember, TWO of us wrote this story. Next there is going to be three writers. It's hard. Trust us.)

(This list is made because we want this to feel like a movie :) )
Cast: Master Chief: Bill Pullman(the guy who played the president in Independence Day)
Field Marshall "Richard": Kiefer Sutherland
Kajadar: (Any German Actor)
Cap. O 'Neill: (the guy who plays O 'Neill in Stargate SG-1)
(PART 2)Lt. Pliskin: Tom Cruise (......never mind)
(PART 2)Colonel Gallagher: William Fichtner(1st Sgt. Jeff Sanderson in "Black Hawk Down")

The elite known as his human alias "Richard" was a well known Field Marshall in the Covenant army. He was known to take equal care of all troops, even grunts. He walked inside the grand hall, surprised to see many grunts and elites from his command. He coughed, saying to himself "Holy mother of gods....." then begin his speech. "I, Field Marshall Higlder-Aee, Commander of the First Mark of The Gods, have decided to quit." he said, coughing. The elite general, High Marshall Haul-Polsie, quickly said a statement on how the Field Marshall fought, how brave he fought the human scum, how his career went. But when the High Marshall said human scum, he was disgusted by that term. He seen the humans fought, he seen the Master Chief in person too. He had even fought Keyes on Halo. But one thing about the humans surprised Higlder about them. They won't be captured alive. The elite considered that the ultimate sacrifice when you give up your men to not be captured. That, to the elite, was honor.

The elite walked out of the grand hall, heading to the starport. He got on a transport heading to the Moons of Reyes IV. He quickly figured out his words he would say to the humans. He would say that he wanted safety and amnesty from the humans. He had a list of the combat orders of the Covenant Supply Line(or CSL). He waited, seeing the new Covenant Slipspace Engine. The humans would be overjoyed. He looked out of the window. The beauty of Slipspace always got his attention. He noticed it disappeared. "Wow. This new engine is really fast." he said to himself. A crackled voice was heard on the intercom. "This is Captain O 'Neill of the UNSC Snake. Stand down or you will be fired upon." said the voice of O 'Neill. Higlder went to the bridge of his small transport vessel. He sent all of the pilots and co-pilots to the cabin. He said into the space intercom(which cannot be heard inside the cabin) "This is Field Marshall Higlder-Aee, of the 1st Mark of the Gods. I request safety and amnesty from you." he said. Then he connected the intercom with some elite headphones. He heard O 'Neill's voice. "Why should we?" he said. The elite though for a second, then replied "I have a list of the routes of the CSL. I also got a faster, better Slipspace engine. Are there sufficient tools for you?" he said calmly. He heard some talking in the back. Then O 'Neill's voice came back on. "Okay. We thought it over, and decided to let you have your amnesty and safety on one condition. If you agree to train some of our troops, then we will let you live in the UNSC." . The elite smiled. He went in the back. "Okay. Grunts, I want you to leave in the escape pod. They won't fire on you. Go." he said. Then he walked back in the bridge. "Do not fire on the escape pod. Those are harmless grunts. They do not know." he said. "Alright. Prepare to be boarded." he said. He heard the latches hook on. The hatch door flew past the hinges. He stood in the doorway, the light around him glowed a bright white. He covered his eyes and UNSC Special Forces surrounded him. "Okay, Field Marshall. Come with us." one of them marked as Lieutenant Iverson told the Field Marshall.

Two weeks later, The field Marshall was lead by Captain O 'Neill to a training planet marked as ECHO-1. He oversaw a platoon marked as 102nd Recon Platoon. O 'Neill was surprised to see that the elite was told to lead a platoon as his first leadership. He saw the marine's cold faces, not even spitting on him or calling him dirty elite or something like that. He smiled and spoke in a English accent. "Gentlemen, I welcome you to the first week of heavy training. If any of you wish to leave, I suggest now." Richard said. The marine's stood still, not even moving a inch. "GET IN THE FUCKING FORMATION DAMMIT!" was heard and they all got into formation. "RUN DRILLS, YOU STUPID GOD DAMN SONVABITCHES!" was heard again. The elite looked around and saw a jackal. "Kajadar? Is that you?" he asked. The jackal looked and smiled. "Hey, Field Marshall!" the jackal said in a German accent. They gave each other a punch in the shoulder, the greeting on the Covenant Homeworld. "How's it going?" he asked. "Good. They found me barley alive." said the Jackal. Then the Jackal looked back. "GET THE FUCK BACK IN FORMATION BEFORE I GO OVER THERE AND KICK YOUR ASSES!" he yelled. The marines followed the order. The Jackal and the Elite walked in front of the marines. "Very sharp. Who leads this unit?" the elite asked. One marine, listed as Lt. Anton Jackinmeister stood forward. "I do sir." said the marine. The elite simply looked at him and smiled. "Good job." he said. "Kajadar, lead the rest for the day. I need to talk to someone." said the elite. The jackal nodded.

"Here's the lowdown on your mission. You remember the one known as Master Chief, right?" the base commander, General Immerson, asked "Richard.". "Yes. I do, General." he said. The elite thought back to the battle on Aurochs Prime, where he saw the chief.. "Well, he rebelled against our government because they're focusing on politics instead of the war. Your mission is to end the rebellion." he said. The elite nodded.

A week later, they were sent to a unmarked moon. "First Squad, move up." said the jackal. A twig snapped. Everyone put their weapons off safety. A scream was heard. "Charlie?" said a private. Then another scream was heard. Then the sound of a beagle was heard. "What's happening, Major?" asked the elite. His question was answered. A charge was sounded, and a army of troops was seen in the front, armed with battle rifles, SMGs, and assault rifles. The Master Chief was in the front, firing his weapon. The marines were all dying. The elite, armed with a plasma sword, was swiping at the charging soldiers. A bullet hit the Elite in the shoulder. One bullet hit the jackal in the leg. "FALL BACK, FALL BACK!" yelled the Major. The army surrounded the Elite and the Major, the rest of the soldiers followed orders. "He's mine." one of the enemy said. He walked forward, the elite on the ground, playing wounded. The private walked forward, armed with a combat knife. He aimed it above the elite's chest. The major was wounded, and could not move. The private tried to plunge it forward into the chest, but was blocked and stabbed in the face. The rest of the marines moved closer, guns ready. "No!" yelled someone. A man in green armor came to the elite. Another man in green armor came to the elite. He looked at the elite and studied it. "Keep it alive along with the Jackal." said the person. The other person took off his helmet, reveling the face of Colonel O 'Neill. "I'm in the army now." he said, quickly giving the wounded elite a dose of medical pain killers. "There you go, the medic will take care of you." said O 'Neill. The marines picked up the elite and the Jackal. They moved quickly, the elite powerless to do anything. He looked at the man in the green armor and realized that it was the Master Chief. "Ch..Chief.." he said. The chief looked at the elite. "Yes?" he asked. "Wh...w...why?" the elite asked. "Well, if your government was more concern about their election campaign then the men dying out there, what would do?" asked the chief. The elite thought. "I...I..wou..would..do..what...yo..your...doing....." he said, before drifting into sleep.