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Bunker on the Beach
Posted By: Steve<EaGLesAllThEway2@aol.com>
Date: 20 August 2003, 9:01 PM

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John jumped off the ramp onto the sandy beach, surrounded by no less than 65 men and women of the UNSC Marine Core. Everyone was loaded down with equipment, and struggled to get cover before the Covenant opened up on them. There were purple cargo crates scattered around, but it was pretty much diviod of cover. The plan was to assualt the beach head, have the Chief take out the 2 bunkers, and then infiltrate the underground compound the Covenant had controled for a month, and refused to budge. Once these Covies were taken out, Humans owned half the planet. We might be able to save Theta VI after all, John thought. Too bad there aren't other other Spartans to aid me. All other Spartans were in other fields of combat, and if ONI waited any longer, Theta VI may be gone by then. Plasma fire washed over the Humans, and soon they began to fall. 2 dropped to their knees and died right in front of John, plasma scoring on the necks and faces. John rolled to cover, just as a plasma grenade soared over his left shoulder. An unsuspecting Private ran to the spot where the grenade was. John started to say something, but then the grenade detonated, blowing limbs every which way. John put two frag grenades in each hand, primed them, and through them in the bunker. 2 rookie Elites and 4 Grunts soared out of the gap in the bunker. John sprinted from one bit of cover to the next, until he was right under the open slot the Covenant shot out of. He had 2 sacks of 6-pound C-12, and he set the timer for 15 seconds, applied an adheasive to make it stick to the wall, and ran. John had just dove behind a crate, when he screamed, "Get down!" and the C-12 detonated. The 2 bunkers sat aside of each other and were conected by a small trench. They must have put ammo in there, because the second bunker exploded in a hail of blue-white fire and duracrete. "This makes my job easier," John said to himself, and he entered the now gaping hole in the second bunker. Miraciliously, 2 Grunts and an Elite had survived, badly mamed of course, and were able to shoot the first Marine that entered the Bunker in the arm 3 times, before getting a total of 48 rounds in the head and chest. 32 of the surviving Marines stayed outside on station, while 12 other Marines moved through the hole and prepared for a fight. They moved through a trench that led from the back of the bunker to another facility, and saw what looked like a mess hall, only instead of food, there were tubes of green and blue paste. For some reason, the Covenant were not alarmed, until one of the veteran Elites tried comtacting the bunkers. No answer, tried again. He got suspisous, and decided to get everyone ready, before he noticed 8 round, bouncing...."Grenade!" he screamed, but the frag grenades detonated, killing the Elite, 3 Jackles, and 5 Grunts. Then the Chief moved through the adjacent door, and saw tubes of blue gas. Methane, John presumed, and saw Grunts suiting up. He grabbed the other 6-pound satchel, primed it, amnd through it in the barracks. The door closed, and the Chief said, "Find cover, it's gonna blow big." Everyone was succesfully behind a crate, table, or wall, when the bomb went off. Fire from the methane blew up out of the top of the room, via airducts, and entered the room above it, which was the headquarters of the stronghold. 3 Gold Elites, 2 Black ones, 2 Veterans, and a Rookie were engulfed by the fire and burned to a crisp. Once the fire had died down, they made their way up a lift, and entered the HQ, now charred black and purple from the blood of the previous inhabitants. Suddenly, a Gold Elite, clutching a Plasma Sword, came out from under a table. Two fresh-faced Marines charged the Gold Elite, firing as they went, but the Elite also had a plasma rifle in his other hand, and shot them both. He slashed a third and shot a fourth. The Chief had his MA5B up and aimed, and he fired on full auto at the Elite. But the first 30 bullets pinged off his shield, so the Elite charged the Chief. There was a 1 and a half meter window, the glass blown away, which overlooked the beach, and so the Chief ducked the Elite's horizontal blow, spinned while kneeling to his right, tripped the Elite so he fell backwards, primed a plasma grenade he picked up from the dead Veteran Elite, stuck to the back of the stunned Elite, and used his advanced strength to lift and throw the Elite out the window. He fell 10 meters and put an indent in the ground. A second later the grenade exploded, taking the Elite with it.
-25 Marines KIA, 11 wounded, 0 MIA
-14 Elites KIA,5 Jackles KIA,35 Grunts KIA,0 wounded,0 MIA
-Mission Success, however planet destoyed 4 days later