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Comments for 'Bunker on the Beach'

9:03 pm | August 23, 2003

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lol, I do my Advertising.
9:00 pm | August 23, 2003
I don't indent, either. lol. Spell Jackal right next time, and several other holes. Other than that, interseting story. But too short(lol, me king of short fics!). 8.29/10. =|
3:12 am | August 22, 2003
its ok i give in a 6 1/2 outa 10 other then that its good
1:26 am | August 22, 2003
ah, gotta take the time to advertise...

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(okay, so that was a little cheesy, but i didn't have a lot to work with)

12:43 am | August 22, 2003
Good, I agree with pretty much everbody elses coments, kinda short. I'll give you an 8/10.
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8:35 pm | August 21, 2003
[indent], story is good, 8.25/10
Agent Shade
1:57 pm | August 21, 2003
kinda short, space out the paragraphs a bit more, indent, other than that, good job...i'm assuming this isn't a series 8/10
10:44 am | August 21, 2003
8.5/10, and it's marine corps, not core.