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Guerrilla defense -Part Two- Waiting in Line for Death
Posted By: someone that you dont know<dpne2000@yahoo.com>
Date: 29 May 2004, 10:02 PM

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Authors note: Part two of the Guerrilla defense series. Read the story, and give me some tips on how to write better. (I suck at writing) I used the "code" this time, so you got nothing on me "code" lovers

Location: New York City, World Trade Center
Date: 12/30/2567
Time: 2:30 AM

      "Move! Move! Move!" Sergeant Hazard ordered to retreat to the World Trade Center. He knew the marines couldn't survive another wave of attack, the covenant were just too strong. About 600 covenant remained, while only a mere 95 humans were left. Somehow, they would have to survive until evac arrived. Then they would have to nuke the whole city. The only way to be rid of the covenant for sure.
       Marines filed into the huge twin buildings. The snipers once again camped up on higher elevation. The marines on the bottom level had to make sure the covenant don't get into the building. Not an easy task, considering that the human's weapons were very ineffective against the elites shields.
      To the covenant, the battle was won. The foolish humans retreated. Moving into a large building. Perfect. The humans were all in one place; the covenant would just have to call in the bomber squad to take care of this nuisance.
Conversation in covenant tongue. Translated into English as well as possible.
"Bring in the bombers."
"Thirty minutes till arrival"
"Make it twenty"
"Yes sir"

      The covenant wanted to have a little "fun" before destroying the city, by sending the rest of their troops to "mop up" any human survivors. They arrived, guns blazing full blast. The tower the humans were stationed in gave off flashes of light as the marines retaliated, killing a handful of elites and about five grunts. Not very impressive. The snipers took out the back ranks. But there was the bulk of the "blue bastards" that still needed to be dealt with. Unable to hold them off, the covenant poured into the building. Killing pretty much the last remaining marines. It was a massacre not a struggle, as the covenant caught the marines by surprise. They began climbing up the stairs and some even attempted to operate the elevator.

"Hey, soldier"
"Cut the cords on the elevators"
"Lets show em that we're not giving up without a fight"
"Yes sir"

      It took six of the snipers to pry open the heavy elevator doors. But when they managed to get it open, they cut the cords, and what was now a metal deathtrap plunged 50 stories, accompanied by a satisfying crash at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

      As the battle raged on, humans and aliens dieing left and right. One stray plasma bolt hit an unfortunate sniper named private Grisham in the eye. He became enraged, and against orders, he ran out of the World Trade Center, and began a melee rampage against the "idiots" that denied him the use of his right eye. Grisham swung his rifle, hitting its mark and killing the poor elite. The enraged sniper could see the jaw imploding from the blow. Shattering in an explosion of blood and obliterated bone. Grisham died a minute after.

Location: New York City, World Trade Center
Date: 12/30/04/2567
Time: 3:50 AM

      "Here comes the bomber squad!" The covenant bombers were here. Ten huge aircraft flew in, in a tight "V" shaped formation. The humans were ready for this, and let loose their arsenal of anti-air missiles. Jackhammer rockets fizzled through the darkened sky. Eight covenant bombers fell. The two remaining dropped their load; destroying World Trade Center, tower number two. The dead would have to be honored later, but now was time to fight. "Shoot the remaining bombers out of the sky!" Sergeant Hazard was desperate. No missiles left, it was time to do some old fashioned fly-swatting. Sergeant Hazard ordered to shoot at the aircraft with everything the humans had. Machine gun tracer rounds lighted the sky in the, oh so memorable fiery blaze, and two helpless bombers fell to the ground. Their pilots mangled beyond all recognition.

      "This is Echo 792 coming in for evac. Do you copy? Over" A faint, barely audible transmission sounded from the sergeant's radio.
"Yes, this is New York outpost Alpha we read you over"
"Hang on for fifteen more minutes and we'll be here to get you out, over"
"Very good, be prepared for enemy fire when you arrive, over and out"

To be continued. Part 3 coming soon.