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Comments for 'Guerrilla defense -Part Two- Waiting in Line for Death'

9:25 pm | June 1, 2004
i have to agree with Frost Bite, the Covie's are not terrorists, sure they're hell bent on killing every last human but they are no where close to terrorists.
12:32 am | May 31, 2004
And you called us harsh... *shakes his head*
Frost Bite
10:57 pm | May 30, 2004
Dude, weak. stop trying to make the covenent terrorists. An elite would never make such a blattently dangerous attempt like calling in bombers then SWARMING THE TARGET AREA. other then that and the fact that all those defenses seemed all to well placed, and monitors are next to impossible to explode via a command, you have a desent story. Keep out the terrorism next time and maybe I'll give glowing reviews.