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Hollow Life -- Part 1 and 2
Posted By: Solidus Snake<Chi KoRn x@aol.com>
Date: 16 June 2004, 6:24 AM

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      Author's Note: I'm going to try and come back writing stories now. Here is my newest installment Hollow Life which is about a boy who lost everything. He faces everyday life trying to get over his past, painful thoughts, and depression while trying to stay alive. Also, I have trouble with the tense changing up all the time. So please tell me if I screw the tense up and such so I can correct these mistakes in the future. Hope you like it, enjoy.

      Hollow Life

       Memories are always hard to forget, they always fuck with your mind. You always remember the bad times in life, not the good, but anyways, they're always never good. You'll remember the bad times and how much your life was a waste, and just maybe the good times and how you use to be happy. Either way, we come to this place, living a Hollow Life, something is always missing in someone. Happiness. Family. Heart. It's a crazy world out there, and life is never going to be easy.
      Many people are depressed, they commit suicide, maybe its because they can't help the pain and they think its no use to try anymore. So they Pull the Plug on themselves to relieve them of their torment. How much can one person take until they just snap? How much can one person take, before they become insane or lose compassion? They try to hold onto Faith, but all they get is despair. Sad isn't it? Sad how people can treat others the way they do, they're Hollow, no remorse for anyone, thoughtless. Is this to be humanity?

So it Begins
      Part 1

      Just West outside of New York City lays a small town, wasted and burnt down. The Covenant hit the place hard, bodies laid dead in the streets, blood everywhere, houses burnt to the ground. Covenant patrol the town constantly looking for any survivors, there wasn't any sign of UNSC counter forces, nor civilian resistance groups operating in the town.
       A teenager about 15 years old laid unconscious in his room unaware of what happen. The house he was in was hit form the start by a howling mortar where it struck the middle of the house. Coming back to reality the boy named Josh Ferguson slowly opened his eyes to a blurry site. His head was throbbing, and his bones ache in pain. He stood up, but his legs were weak and he was struggling to stay up. Looking around the room, he found it to be totally trashed and blacken from the blast. Slowly he walk were his door use to be. Appearing from his room he enter what use to be the living room. He felt drops of water splash against his face. He look up and found a huge hole, he saw a dark gray sky and it started to rain.
      "Mom." He called for his mother frighten and scared. "Where are you?" A tear rolled down his left cheek, he knew for sure she was dead. He lost his family, he didn't have any brother or sisters, and his dad left him and his mother when he was only three years old, so he never knew him.
       Slowly he walked out the door of his house. He was terrify by what he saw. Dead bodies everywhere, there was small blazes of fire, nothing looked alive. Maybe he was the only survivor? The Covenant was here, the invasion had started, and its like they never saw it coming. Once again he looked up towards the Heavens, he could see a Covenant space cruiser flying over head. He gazed amazingly, he had never seen something so big, it made him tremble.
       He knew he had to get the hell out of there, he must find somewhere to hide, or the Covenant would catch him for sure. He started to run frantically, on his face you could see clearing, the expression I don't want to die. He nearly tripped several times from his sore weak legs. Quickly he stopped. He heard something coming not far from where he was. It was a low humming noise, from a corner of a street, he race over to a edge of a house appearing from the corner of the house. He saw a Covenant vehicle called a Shadow. It has a gunner seat, and two seat in the front for the driver and second gunner.
       Just like that he disappeared into the house where he was spying. He had to find a place to hide. Quickly he went into a bedroom and found a closet to hide in. Outside the Shadow stop, an Elite got out and walk towards the house that Josh was hiding in. The Elite figure there could be survivors, he walked in. Josh crack open the door and took a look, he could see the Elite entering the building. The Elite looked towards where he was hiding, Josh notice and quickly shut the crack door, but the Covie became aware. He walk into the room with his plasma weapon ready. Josh had to act quickly, he grab a bunch of clothes off some hanger and threw them over him hiding himself. The Elite opened the closet, looked around the floor board, he noticed the pile of clothes and how it look suspicious. Taking the end of his weapon to lift a layer of clothes, the kid thought for sure he's screwed.
       But that's where he was wrong, an Elite outside of the building called for his comrade. The Elite called back in Alien tongue, Josh had no idea what the hell he was saying, but the Elite that was going to make his doom ran off. Josh was relieve but at the same time was thinking, What the hell?
       Thinking it was safe he got up from his hiding place, slowly he opened the door with great caution. He tip toed out the room, and brushed up against the side of the door entrance. He noticed two Elites running into another house while one stayed and manned the plasma turret on the vehicle.
       He was startled when he heard a loud terrifying scream, a bloody one. He had to act fast, he knew it was a perfect opportunity to escape. The gunner was too busy observing the killing to notice Josh. Josh quickly went around the corner and made a mad dash. Running as fast as he can with water splashing up from where his feet hit the concrete, he had no idea where to go for safety. He was really starting to make good yards when he was snatch. Someone grabbed him, he couldn't yell or anything for the person had his hand over his mouth to keep him from alerting the Covies.
       He was dragged into a building.
      The mysterious person turns him around and whispers, "it's okay, your in good hands, now be very quiet. Follow me." The man walks towards some stairs that leads downwards to a basement. A man guarded the door, he was signal to move and he did so, then he opened the door. They both walked into a big room that was filled with civilians and weapons. There was a mini-refrigerator and a large table with a map of the state of New York.
       The man started to ask him some questions. "Well... are you alright boy? Are you hurt?"
      "Uh-No... I'm fine." Josh replied. "What is this place?"
      "Or safe house until we can move again." He paused. "What's your name kid?"
      "Okay Josh, my name is Robert Goldmann. Want anything to drink?"
      "You sure you're not okay?" A woman asked
       Josh just stared at her, what a stupid question, of course he's not okay. He lost his only family, his house was burnt down. Could it get any fucking worst than it is now?
       Robert spoke once again. "Well, just make yourself at home, but be ready to move tonight. When nightfall hits, we're gonna try and get the hell out of this place. 'Cause we can't stay here, the Covenant would find us for sure. Surprise they haven't got us yet."
Josh looked at Robert, "why not now?"
"Because, we don't want the risk of getting caught in bright daylight."
"But its risky staying here, right? You never know when they can just bust in here." Josh had a point.
Robert paused. "Yes, but at night, they'll have a harder time keeping up in the dark. Just be ready..."

Dead Bodies Everywhere
      Part 2

       Night started to come about, and everyone was getting ready. Robert was gathering weapons as many others were too. Then he went over the plan, they were going to move East towards New York City. They figure they can go to the base at Governor's Island, if its still there. Everyone wasn't so sure about this, a lot even thought they're better off staying here. But you can't stay in one spot for too long, or you'll die for sure. Either way, they're going to try and get to the city.
      "Listen, we must get out of here, there is no one else except us. There are many of them. Okay Josh, you're the only kid here, so stay by us at all times. Don't go wondering off."
       Josh didn't like the way he was talking to him, like he's a baby, it pisses him off. He is capable of surviving on his own. He's not that damn young.
      "Sure." He look up at the tall man. "Will I get a gun too?"
      "You know how to shoot one?"
       Once again, what a stupid a question. "Yeah..."
      "Here, take this pistol." He handed him the gun. "Ok, let's go and be careful. Don't bring and attention to us, we don't want to get caught."
       Robert opens the door, but something was wrong, the body of the guard fell to the ground. Blood appeared in a puddle. Damn. The Covenant was there the whole time!
       An Elite using a camouflage generator let out a loud roar. Plasma fire screech towards the civilians, quickly they opened fired in the direction the Elite was. The body came into view and drop to the ground visible. Blood squirt up from the neck and covered the walls in purple alien blood.
       Robert was hit in the shoulder. His clothes over the shoulder was burn away and was cover and blood. "I'll be okay, now let's go now. They know we're here!" He is a tough man, his wound didn't faze him at all.
       They all head out the building, to their right they found five Grunts. Quickly they opened fire, one after another bodies drop. All the Grunts could do was fire a couple of shots that was way off. Josh didn't fire one bullet.
       They kept moving, it may be impossible for them to escape now. They're gonna have to hitch a ride. "Come on, everyone get on the truck!" Robert ordered.
       Everyone got in the back of the pick up truck, Robert had to hot wire it to get it to start. The motor started up and he reb it up. Then he put it in shift and took off like a madman. There was Covenant all over the place, everyone in the back open fired. One man tossed a homemade Molotov in a small group of Jackals and Grunts. Instantly the bottle shattered and erupted in a flame swallowing the Covies.
       Two Ghost came up behind the truck. Firing rapidly the plasma scorched the back end, one civilian was thrown off and killed when Robert turned hard at a corner. Two civilian tossed two more Molotovs at the Ghost, both hit each Ghost dead on. The two Ghost came to a stop and the drivers got off, they were on fire and burning like hell. Everyone cheered.
      "Were not out of the woods yet! Look!" Robert yelled.
       In front of them was a Shadow, it was trying to act a road block. Robert easily avoid the Shadow. A Covenant drop ship was flying over the truck, three Brutes jumped from the ship, one landed on top of the truck. The Brute jammed the blade of the Ginsu down into the cabin of the truck. The blade went straight through Robert's skull, the truck then lost control and flipped onto it's side. Everyone was thrown off, Josh hit the ground hard, he slowly got up and found the fighters getting slaughter. Many more Covenant started to show up too. It was hopeless to fight them odds. Josh got scared, he didn't want to die, so he did all he could do, he ran like a pussy.
       Just like that he ran, he ran fast, no obstacle got in his way. He was determine to survive, but he felt terrible to leave everyone behind to die. He got pretty far away from where the Covenant was, he looked behind and could see plasma going everywhere, it looked like the Fourth of July as if someone was shooting Roman Candles in every direction. Then, it just stop. They were gone, he was the only one again, alone. This was a really emotional experience for him, he couldn't stand this place anymore.
       He kept on walking, he wasn't worried about dying anymore, he wasn't worried about the Covenant either. He just didn't care now. Maybe suicide is the answer to his problem? Take a deep rest in space. No.
      He felt terrible, he just left them people behind to die, and didn't even fire a shot. He didn't care but himself at the time, all he wanted to do is live. Like they say, "I'm too young to die." Well maybe them people were too innocent to die? Maybe if he tried to do something they might have survive? Even if he did die fighting to help them, he can bestow his pride and die a man. But no, he didn't. This is just some of the thoughtless things people do. Fuck their pride.
       Hollow Life.

       To be continued...

Scars are forever. Pain isn't, learn to forget your past and embrace for what may come.