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Comments for 'Hollow Life -- Part 1 and 2'

CoLd BlooDed
11:29 am | June 21, 2004
That's all you ever talk about, isn't it, Solidus? :P
10:44 pm | June 20, 2004
Out of curiosity, do you listen to KoRn?
Nick Kang
1:46 pm | June 20, 2004
Man, this was great! This is only the second story by you that I've read, but I think it was the besT!

Solidus Snake
1:10 am | June 20, 2004
Thanks and I'm gonna write it more carefully and get someone to proofread it.
CoLd BlooDed
9:00 pm | June 19, 2004
A dark, well-written chapter, good introduction to the series, Solidus.

Just make sure you get someone to proofread your work next time, just so we don't trip on words that should be spelled correctly or stumble on switched verb tenses.

All in all, I loved it, great job Solidus.
Solidus Snake
4:26 am | June 19, 2004
Ah, I found the errors, I must've messed up and missed those when I was changing some wording and changing some parts.
Solidus Snake
7:33 pm | June 18, 2004
Thanks MCC, and I'll keep that in mind about the -ed. And I'm gonna lay off of Halo poetry for a while.
MC's Cousin
7:28 pm | June 18, 2004
Good work. I hope you find the initiative to keep 'em comin'. Yeah, those grammar issues were all over the place. I counted at least a dozen places where you should have added -ed.
Glad another good writer is adding to the works again. The same old n00b FF is getting on my nerves.

Signing Off

Solidus Snake
6:11 pm | June 18, 2004
Damn...I knew the tense was all screwed up. Rusty eh?

Thanks guys for the feedback. In the next one I'll try to keep the tense change in mind and fix that problem, always had that problem.

Killa, can't wait for your new fic if you write one.

Now, I'll be gone for 3 or 4 days and will be back then. Soon as I get back I'll work on Part 3 so it'll be a while.

Thanks you for reading and the welcoming!
4:17 pm | June 18, 2004
who woulda thought cynicism would be so enjoyable?
12:03 pm | June 18, 2004
Not bad...Grammatical errors galore, but no one's perfect. Welcome back, Snake. Hopefully I can write a Halo fic soon enough.
11:36 am | June 18, 2004
Welcome back, Alpha. Pretty good story, but all the tense changes made it hard to understand. I like the concept though.