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Posted By: Solidus Snake<X Fxck Fear X@aol.com>
Date: 28 February 2004, 4:26 AM

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It's been a while, and just so y'all know, it is I Alpha Lance back from the dead. Just don't call me Alpha, hate that name. Anyways, I hope this is any good.


I've... been bleeding
Too long, so pick me up
Will someone?

Just help stop the pain
Just stop everything
That I hate

I find my life to be this way
As I flirt with suicide
Oh I pray to God, before I die
So that you just would leave
Just leave this place behind
As I bottle my pain inside
And I bring my hate out
As I become alive
Now I'm alive...

I'm not doing great
My body is full of hate
I feel like I'm dead
To the world, I feel
No pain... no more
I feel no remorse
For you... no more

You think you've won
But I just got started
And I flirt with suicide
But sometimes, that's okay
Now I'm alive...

'Cause I just want you all to die
And leave this place behind
And I will try to leave this pain inside
To my self I pray to God, please go away
God I live my life the best as I can
And now my life is on the edge
And I will fight 'til I die
Now I'm alive...