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Goin' To War!
Posted By: Slith<skie591@hotmail.com>
Date: 9 April 2002, 9:17 pm

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     "We're moving into the drop zone. Our ETA is 37 seconds and counting! Came the warbled sound from the radio. "Ok marines lock and load, we're gonna' be backing up Delta, Alpha and November squadrons, Zebra squadron is presumed lost, so I'm going to need 5 volunteers! Johnson, Jake, Mike, Dianna, and Justin that'll be you!" Yelled Zulu squadron's Sergeant over the scream of the dropships engines. "Sergeant this one'll be a rough landing!" Screamed the dropship's pilot. "You heard 'em men brace yourselves!"
     No sooner did the Sergeant say that than the dropship's left wing scraped across the ground in the hurricane winds. "We're going down! Lucifer open the doors. We're making a leap of faith men!" The Sergeant shouted at his squad. "Christ! Sarge you've GOT to be joking!" Yelled Tyler through the now howling winds inside the dropship.
     "I haven't got time to argue marine, just do as I say or I'll kill you where you stand!" Yelled the Sarge. "Now then, I wan- the Sarge's yell was cut off by yet more grinding noises, from the sounds of it, the pilot was barely keeping control of the ship.
     "-unners first! Then heavy weapons!" Even though no one really heard what the Sarge said, they got the general idea, to jump out of the dropship. Before anyone could do anything however, they hit the canyon wall, and the dropship seemingly exploded into a fireball. "Goddamnit! I cant hold'er! Sarge we're going down! Get off this damned thing before we all diAAAAHHHHHH!!!! What was left of the dropship crashed into the side of the wall.
     "Sarge, Sarge wakeup! Whispered Dianna. "Wha-who? Where are we? What happened? Asked the Sarge. Those winds hit us pretty hard sir. If it weren't for Louis flying this thing we'd all be dead. Said Dianna. The Sarge replied, "Good work Louis- Dianna how many of us are left?" Dianna replied softly "Well sir, Johnson and Jake didn't make it- And Tyler jumped out before we hit, Lucifer and Justin are looking for him now." "This is not good, get three funeral pyres ready, and then get our warthog up 'n' running." Said the Sarge "Sire yes sir!" replied Dianna crisply. "Uh- Sarge I think you might want to see this!" Shouted Ryan. Slowly the Sarge made his way up to where Ryan was on the cliff face. "Here sir." Said Ryan as he handed over his rifle. "What am I looking for lieutenant?" asked the Sarge "Due east sir- through that gap in the canyon wall, where our LZ was-" said Ryan. "Looks like a firefight-" said the Sarge quietly "Exactly sir, notice anything peculiar about it?" Said Ryan. "The Covenant! They're fighting against each other!" whispered the Sarge in awe. In the distance it could be seen, Elites fighting Hunters, Hunters crushing Grunts, Grunts ripping apart Jackals, it was utter chaos, and to think that was where they were going to land! It appeared as though certain factions were trying their damndest to get closer to the box canyon the Sarge and his team were in now. But whatever they were after the Sarge was determined not to let them get it. "Dianna, hurry up with the funeral, we have company coming! Mike get Lucifer and Justin, if they haven't found Tyler yet tell them we're packing up. Ryan, Matt, get that warthog up and running! Louis can the Pelican still fly?" shouted the Sarge "Yeah sure if you had the wings needed for it." Said Louis sarcastically "But I could make a trailer if you gave me a couple hours to cut this piece of junk up, although I'd still need tires, and the ones we had were burnt to a crisp after the fuel tank burst." "Well hop to it then, we don't have time! Hundreds of Covenant are on their way here, I don't want to be caught in the fire fight!" Said the Sarge.
     "Take cover!" yelled the Elite as four Hunters turned toward his squad. One of three Hunters on their side, Hith'clipar moved to shield everyone; he fired three quick blasts then brought his shield up. As soon as he did so fourteen consecutive Fuel Rod blasts smashed into him, melting his shield, then burning through his body armor, and finally incinerating his insides. When he hit the ground all that was left of him was a blackened and melted husk. The Hunters immediately turned toward the rocks that the rest of Wor'zuh's squad was hiding behind. However they failed to notice the Wraith tank backing up towards them, which in a couple seconds would run them all down. Suddenly four dropships accompanied by two Seraph fighters started making a run toward the Temple. All Covenant on the ground turned to look up, and fired at nearly exact same instant, the air was crackling and burning with the released Plasma, which burned up the air like crazy. The remains of the melted ships dropped right on top of both the Hunters and the Wraith tank that were near Wor'zuh. Then the air rushed back in to fill up the gap, it was like a mini hurricane. Everything not clinging to something was suddenly swept to the middle, Grunts flew past Elites, and Hunters strained and gripped to the ground, to no avail. And then they struck each other, and the wind blasted back out, it was a calamity of noise, you wouldn't be able to hear a freight train running over your head on the blackened plain. When it was finally over the survivors turned to each other- and promptly started to fight again. However Wor'zuh's Squadron, with one of the few remaining Hunters, was now the closest to the entrance of the Canyon. And he had no one to stop him from continuing. "Hurry! We must get to our gods temple before the heretics do! Yelled Wor'zuh to his squad of Grunts, Jackals, Elites, and Hunters. "Rik'Par, Shack'nil, cover us with your Shields and Fuel Cannons when we reach the Temple, Don't let anyone past you! And be wary of Stealth Elites we can't have any get in! The god's knowledge will be ours! And ours alone!