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4:55 pm | April 16, 2002
Ok, if you've been to the forums you'll have noticed that it' changed a little... No massive battle between Covenant now, just something a little more... sinister. :) If you have any ideas for another story, email me at: Skie591@hotmail.com or just post back here ;)
jus joking
8:24 pm | April 12, 2002
heh jus joking, it'll be a massive battle between Covenant, then the marines arrive... All of them. I wont tell you the rest though.
8:22 pm | April 12, 2002
Well... what do you think I should include in the next one? I've got a shrine... It MAY hold peace for humanity in it...
The British Commando
5:38 pm | April 11, 2002
I like it, im looking forward to the next one.
you haven't posted yet...
4:53 pm | April 11, 2002