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Covenant War
Posted By: Slith<skie591@hotmail.com>
Date: 4 April 2002, 7:00 pm

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"Alert, alert- unauthorized presence detected, scanning- Human life forms discovered in Gravity Lift, Bay Two, Shuttle Bay Four, and Shuttle Bay Five, awaiting orders-" said the melodious tone into the Commander's earpiece. "Send security teams four through seven, and dispatch my personal guard to the Gravity lift." Ordered Jrithgard. Immediately a siren went off, inaudible to Human ears, however all the onboard Covenant heard it as clearly as a passing freight train, and understood it's meaning. Soon Jackals and Grunts were heading en masse to the shuttle bays, However- all of the Elite's, and Jrithgard's personal Hunter bodyguards had been ordered to the Gravity Lift, a great deal of Covenant and Forerunner technology was stashed there, and Jrithgard was determined not to let any of the Humans get it.

     "Auuuuugh!" Grunted one of the sixteen Elite's. He fell forward with his hands covering a gaping hole in his body, made by an impact grenade. The Humans were putting up a bigger fight then was expected, And had many weapons the Covenant could only dream of. The fight was brutal and deadly, of the thirty-two Hunters and seventy-four Elite's that had rushed into the fray, twenty-eight remained. Some severely injured. Wur'zuh had called in reinforcements, however they were cut off by a group of Humans from one of the Shuttle Bays, now he was dealing with Humans in front and behind him. They all carried heavy weapons of some sort: Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Rifles, Shotguns, and some carried Assault Rifles to pick away at any unwary troops. "Klithpar." Said the commanding officer Wor'zuh. "Charge those four marines over there behind the battleplate, take them out and then get to the Captain, tell him we need reinforcements, down here." "Sir, They all have shotguns, how am I supposed to get through them?" asked a befuddled Klithpar "Rigouriz, get your team to concentrate their fire over there." Wor'zuh pointed toward the marines. "Klithpar needs to get through. Blast open the doors if you can." Said a determined Wor'zuh. Suddenly he noticed out of the corner of his eye three lone Marines, each carrying upgraded Rocket launchers, which could fired three missiles at once, each packed with high explosives. The Marines quickly but carefully set the weapons onto a piece of battleplate for support, and fired, Wor'zuh had only enough time to drop, and yell "Cover!" However none of the other Covenant reacted in time- Klithpar was hit directly in the head by one, the blast took out Wor'zuh's shield, and blasted him into the battleplate he was hiding behind, the second knocked one of the Hunters fourteen feet into the air, again the shockwave blasted into Wor'zuh, the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth rockets decimated most of the remaining Elite's and the following three annihilated seven Hunters, Wor'zuh quickly got up, to take a glance at what had happened- His entire squad now consisted of only five Hunters and four Elite's, two of the Elite's were missing arms, and one of the Hunters had part of his leg blown off. "By the Holy gods! We have to retreat, everyone follow me! Those of you that can't... train your weapons towards us and the door- when they start following, blast with everything you've got. And remember today is the day you shall join with the gods! Wor'zuh made a quick glance toward the slowly advancing marines, then turned and ran to the only exit that they had even the smallest chance of getting through, one he had previously ordered Klithpar to get through. One that had four shotgun wielding marines defending it. It seemed to Wor'zuh that time had slowed down as adrenaline rushed through his veins, He fired shot after shot at the marines until his gun overheated, he then chucked the weapon away, and jumped, narrowly missing an impact grenade, he brought his glowing sword up, and chopped down as he landed among the Marines, he immediately crouched and rolled closer towards the door, and watched with a gleeful sparkle in his eye as two of the Marines blasted each other where he had been moments before. He then made a quick jump backwards toward the remaining marine, and sliced the top of his head open- mid jump. The fight lasted only a couple seconds, however that was enough time for many of the marines to open fire at the Elite as he stood there, looking down at his victims. Luckily the rest of his squad had pulled up with him, the Hunters were holding up their shields, but Wor'zuh could tell they didn't have much time- he knew the marines were hard at work preparing more missiles to launch at him. "Hrithaagr, get this door open, and give me your Needler." Said Wor'zuh. "Uh- Sir." Said Gaulid. "I found something here-" "Show me later Gaulid, were a little busy right now." Cut off Wor'zuh as he fired several clips towards the Rocket marines. "Sir I'm through!" said Hrithaagr as the doors opened. "They'll close again in fifteen seconds sir we'll have to get through now." Wor'zuh turned around quickly and ran past Hrithaagr, but as the other Elite's and Hunters moved to follow, several rockets exploded into the group. They were flung in all directions, except for Wor'zuh and Gaulid, none of the other Covenant happened to make it to the other side of the closing blast doors. Both were knocked unconscious by the blast.

     Slowly Wor'zuh woke up, and turned to Gaulid, who happened to be awake already, and studying a piece of Forerunner script. " Gaulid your awake- What's that your reading there? Asked Wor'zuh groggily. "Huh!? Sir! It's uh- just some Forerunner metal I picked up- And either way sir, it's none of your business-" trailed off Gaulid realizing the mistake he had just made. "None of my business? Said Wor'zuh. "I'm your commanding officer Gaulid now give me that thing!" He said in an irritated voice. "Sir I don't thi-." He was suddenly cut off by a glowing blue blade stuck between his eyes. "Fool." Muttered Wor'zuh "Now what could be so important that he would disobey my direct order-?" He wondered. As Wor'zuh was reading down the lines his eyes lit up in surprise. "By the gods!" he said to himself. And slowly he tucked the script into a piece of armor. Wondering what it all meant.

     "Commander, all Humans have been neutralized, however I have noticed something that may be a cause for alarm. Several different Covenant security teams are fighting each other in Shuttle bays seven, eight, two, and nine. And strange metal devices have been discovered on my hull. They may be some kind of explo-." Suddenly numerous large and small explosions rocked through the ship. "Commander my Engines have just exploded, and every section of the ship the Humans have passed through have gone up into flames as well. I can't stay in the air. I suggest you and the rest of the command crew evacuate." Said the Covenant AI in its melodious yet stern voice. "Sir!" Panted an Elite that had obviously been running as fast as possible to reach the captain. "It's an all out riot sir! Someone found information about a temple- on this planet. It's what everyone's been fighting about. Wor'zuh and one of his security squads detonated several explosives in the engine room! I'm sure the AI told you, but either way we have to get off the ship now! Wor'zuh and his team have already launched off in several dropships!" The Covenant AI piped in "Commander, you have forty three seconds and counting to get off my ship, the impact will destroy most of my superstructure, the bridge included, My auxiliary power is low- I have downloaded an escape route to the nearest escape pod into the Battlenet. Also, would you like me to eliminate Wor'zuh's dropships? I should have enough time to eliminate him." The Covenant Hunter gave a quick nod and said, "Yes." He then crisply turned around and walked in the direction of the escape pods.

     "Sir!" Yelled Trilsir into the radio. "The carrier is going down! However she's targeting us with the point defense turrets! They're going to shoot us out of the air. I suggest we land here!" A sudden image of a map with an LZ popped up onto Wor'zuh's command screen. "A good idea." Replied Wor'zuh, however as the flight of dropships made their way down to the surface, massive gusts of wind blasted them every which way. Wor'zuh, and the rest of his team were having trouble getting to the surface- When a sudden flash of light blasted through one of Wor'zuh's dropships. Wor'zuh cursed at his misfortune, just as another sudden gust of wind blasted his dropship aside, although Wor'zuh didn't know it, the wind had blown him and his dropship out of the way of a laser blast. It was the last shot the Covenant Carrier managed before crashing into the distant mountainside. As the Ship flashed into a nuclear white glow, hundreds of Covenant Dropships could be seen, trading fire between each other, and racing against time to get to the temple first. And hundreds of miles away, several Human Pelican dropships were making their way toward an LZ where they were to engage in gorilla warfare tactics against the fleeing Covenant-

I'll be sending the sequal in as soon as I find it... ^_^