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Comments for 'Covenant War'

8:18 pm | April 8, 2002
I'm on my deep search into the forums to look for the sequal that I wrote BEFORE this one ^_^ kinda strange, but this is supposed to lead up to a massive battle between covenant. It starts out with those marines that I mention at the end of the story... Hurricane winds, blown down, engaging covenant etc.
11:49 am | April 7, 2002
umm, Jaywhit10, i...wouldnt say that [j/k] youve improved, but there is still room for improvement, but keep at it Jay and Slith
3:18 pm | April 6, 2002
I liked the story very much. Keep writing them you will get better at it, i did
6:43 pm | April 5, 2002
yeah.. i was a little harsh there. i've never written fan-fiction anyway... oh well, we're all critics! :P
5:51 pm | April 5, 2002
Ya, ya... I'm a rookie writer :) I'm not very good, but hopefully all your feedback will help.
3:52 pm | April 5, 2002
a bit confusing... first the main character is an elite, then a hunter, no one's clearly established as what position they are. it's hard to keep up with the confusion