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The Past
Posted By: SkyRyan1<SkyRyan1@aol.com>
Date: 7 March 2002, 6:59 am

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The Covenant know nothing of God or Jesus
They believe is many Gods, Polytheism
The Gods created the Covenant
For reasons unknown
They can destroy the Earth
And every last Human
But soon enlightenment will come
It will come for the Covenant
- Unknown Earth poet, 2530

In the middle of a small desert on Halo, a Covenant weapons factory was busy at work. Staffed by ten Grunts, nineteen Jackals, twenty-four Elites and thirteen Hunters, it was a small installation, but vital to the Covenant war effort on that half of Halo.

"My old friend," said an Elite, "you look fatigued. Perhaps your old body has been worked too hard today?" An elderly Elite in a technician's uniform got out of his chair at his terminal and walked over to the other Elite.
"Gold armor, Sayma?" asked the elderly Elite, "It does make you look intimidating for a Computer Systems Analyst, doesn't it?"
"Tookore, today will be our last day together, old friend. Today, I ride into battle, and many devils shall die by my hand!"
"Good, now you will know why I hated so much to leave the armed forces! Just don't rely on the Grunts for any help."
"Tookore, what is it like to kill a human?" asked Sayma.
"It is glorious," replied Tookore.

Several hours later, and Tookore sat in his quarters, poring over huge amounts of data with his computer. His door slid open, and Sayma walked in.
"Old friend, I leave soon. I wanted to say good bye."
"Yes, yes. Have fun, I know I did."
"Tell me about your career again," requested Sayma.
Tookore tapped his computer screen and a small light on the wall turned off.
"You know they watch you. The listen and see everything we do in our quarters. They can't see us now," said Tookore.
"Really? It does not matter to me now. Tell me about you career."
"I turned off the monitoring system to tell you something. Something important." A look of nervousness came over Tookore's face.
"It must be important, what is it?" asked Sayma.
"I...I was never a soldier. I made it up to hide the truth." Sayma was shocked. After a very awkward moment, Sayma spoke.
"Why? Why did you lie? What is the truth?"
"Twenty-one years ago, I was on a freighter craft. On the freighter were fifty human and fifty-eight Covenant, and we went to Phalilote."
"You are senile! Phalilote is a myth! A place were Humans and..."
"...were Humans and Covenant live peacefully together cannot be real. Don't you think I heard that before!" yelled Tookore.
"Is that it, old friend, because I can no longer tolerate you!"
"My eyes were opened."
"What?!" yelled Sayma.
"All of us, from the lowliest Grunt to the strongest Hunter believe that we are waging war against the Humans because it is the will of the Gods. That is wrong, because the Gods don't exist."
"You speak complete blasphemy! I should kill you right now!"
"Have you ever heard of X'teva, Sayma?"
"Yes, that free-thinking lunatic who tried to convince everyone that there was only one God."
"He was right."
"You fool, I shall tell the Director of the installation about you! You will die for this!"
"Then I will die. My death will only lead to a great uprising."
"What do you mean 'a great uprising'? You are the only Covenant in the galaxy to believe in one God!"
"Do you really think that, Sayma? There are tens of millions like me. We are all ready to die for X'teva. Thousands of years ago, on the homeworlds of every race of the Covenant, and even Earth, a man claiming to be the son of God was born. To us, he was X'Teva. To the Jackals, he was Wol. To the Humans, he was Jesus. This war we fight will destroy both the Covenant and the Humans, and people like you will pay the price."
"You are truly twisted, Tookore. I hope you get the worst possible death from the Director!" Suddenly, the ground began to rumble. Over the speakers came a voice...
"The fusion reactor of the Human ship that crashed on Halo has gone critical. The ring is breaking apart. Repeat, the ring is breaking apart."
"Our judgment day is here," Tookore said with a smirk on his face. With that, a huge chunk of metal smashed into the desert. There were no survivors from the weapons factory.