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Comments for 'The Past'

4:53 pm | April 9, 2002
Ry i did not no u were this cool. at the first day of school i was like hes got to be a dork but not now ur really cool!
8:00 pm | April 8, 2002
I've often thought of the Covenant religion, how it's polythetistic and such and how that would clash with the monotheism of humans. I wanted to do a bit on it, but never did. You bring an interesting card to the table, Ry. Note: At one point I was even thinking of mixing Covenant, Humans, and Christianity... not for the Cov of course.. but aybe a few angels appear, Jesus comes back.. tried making it a Biblical Epic almost... but naw.
6:12 am | April 8, 2002

That was actually not at all bad.

:) Good ideas on the story. Original, not the same old shit.

4:59 am | April 8, 2002
this is the first "fiction" that i have rea dof yours(u usually do poems)...this is really "odd" but it very interesting nonetheless...
3:34 am | April 8, 2002
Geez that was good I never read anything like that. Keep writing these they are perfect
1:50 am | April 8, 2002
that was one of the most intriguing fan-fics i've read... very well thought out. keep up the good work!