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A Fresh Start, part 2
Posted By: Simon James<simonjames290@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 December 2002, 8:56 pm

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Feburary 14, 2552.
First day of training for the new Spartans.

      John 117 walked briskly into the theatre room filled with the clones. It was uncanny, how they were almost exactly like him. There must have been some DNA from the other Spartans in there as well, but his was predomanent.
      "Well," John started." I guess we'll all get along fine and think on the same track, right?" All the clones laughed. Of course they did, they had John's dry sense of humor. "Anyways, you all know who I am and I know you. I know how far your training has gone, and what your skills and limets are. All you really need at this point is to fine tune your training and weapons skills. O.k, good. Meet me at the firing range with your pistols and assult rifles at 1300. Dismissed."
      John walked back to his hut afterwards, to get his own weapons. It felt so strange, to be without his MJOLNIR armor for so long. His reflexes and strength were still far over average, but he missed the speed and even farther improved reflexs that the armor and Cortana gave him. He felt weak and defenceless without the comfert of a full body shield. He needed to put that behind him though, and concentrate on the new Spartans and Earth's last defence.


      Meanwhile, the Covenant were also hard at work. Even the great victory at Reach was overshadowed by their loss on Halo. They too needed a new type of soldier. And so they were tring to pesuide more and more races to join the allince. They assigned a formar Elite commander to recon planets for a race of ultimate warriors. This Elites name was 涧Ø. He would have been called Gatern, or something simular in English.
       So far his search for a perfect race had been fruitless. He had meet with many species, some of which had joined to Covenant Empire. But only as scientists, or in the armies with the equivlant rank of a regular Grunt. It seemed impossible. The Hunters were the ultimate race, he knew that. If only it was possible to cross a Commander Elite with a Hunter. Perfection. Knowledge and speed with power and brute strength. Gatern had heard of a technolgy the humans had. It was called cloning. If he was to capture this technolgy, they would have a way to create an ultimate warrior as the Gods wanted.
      He only needed a way to find the human home planet and get to it. There was still a small human outpost relitivly nearby, called Hahn. They were far from any other coloneys, so they might not of heard of the war with the Covenant. Or the annoying Cole protocol. Perfect. This could get Gatern a promotion.


      John 117 arrived at the firing range in his personal Warthog. Being a Major did have very good aspects. All the new Spartans were already here. "Attention!" Barked one of them, a newly appointed leader. "At ease." Said John. "You all know why your here. Lets get started." The Spartans all moved over to the weapons locker. Their new leader opened it. Inside were many of the new weapon that the UNSC were using, the SC-120. It was much like the MA5B in appearence. But this new weapon had a 20mm grenade launcher attached under the barrel. The Spartans picked up the guns and some ammo.
      "O.k everyone, fire at will." Said John 117. The Spartans opened fire all at once with a roar. The Elite, Grunt and Jackel targets were shredded by dozens of rounds. If anything, these Spartans were even better shots then the original ones.
      Over the next 2 months, John trained the Spartans in batches. He rarely saw Sarjent Peter or Major Robin. When he did see them it was simply for an instant. And his promissed AI helper, Xader, never showed up after that first day. In all, this was a very poorly organized training operation. But John was taught never to lose, and he never did. This was pounded into his trainees.

(This may be a bit boring but more action is comming in part 3!)