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Comments for 'A Fresh Start, part 2'

Simon James
1:09 am | January 15, 2003
Thanks Dispraiser, you are keeping this series going.
6:35 am | December 22, 2002
A side note, keep going!
6:35 am | December 22, 2002
Read the first part, read the second, and think that this one is declined from the last a little. While it is just as good if not better in regards to the story (I love that thing about MC's ry sense of humor...) Basicly the only part that I didn't like, was the part where MC said O.k... While that is a tiny thing ,it makes the story descend fomr perfect, no erros as the last onee was to this, one error... And taht one error is only my opinion, so it still maintains it's greatness. BUt I don't think that MC owuld talk like that... He is a very cold and emotionless person...