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Rise To Honor - Part 17: Get Me Off This Forsaken Rock
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 20 August 2002, 2:00 am

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"Shit, we're soooo FUCKED!"

Jan finally had enough.

"Quit your wining Cal. We'll get out of here. I hope."
"So what the hell do we do now?"

John decided to make a plan.

"I say the Spartans will find the dropship. It should be on the roof. Because we're faster..."
"Fuck that! We're all as fast as you!"
"Just listen. We'll get to the dropship. You mercenaries hold off the government while we get the ship found."
"Fine. You boys better hurry up."
"We will. We will friend."

The Spartans sprinted off, while the four remaining Dark Wolves stood with their laser rifles at ready. Jan thought she saw a movement and she fired a few bolts into the air, hitting nothing.

"But we're so fucking screwed."

The troops were assaulted by rifle blasts. Geb and Jan jumped out of the way. Az and Cal stood where they were, blasting through the incoming troops. The guns ignited superheated, brightly colored bolts that tore right through the troops. The first few fell quickly, but they knew that it wasn't the end.

"Az, Cal! Find cover!"
"Got it."

Az jumped out of the way and hid behind a box. Meanwhile, Cal moved to the others, who were hiding behind empty water tanks. Fire was exchanged, and none of the Dark Wolves were injured. The battle raged on, blood flying everywhere, dead bodies seeming to jump out from the ground. Jan yelled out.


They all knew what that meant. The Dark Wolves all ducked behind their cover while Jan clicked a button and tossed out a round frag grenade with four small bottles of gasoline taped to the side. The grenade exploded, and at first the makeshift weapon seemed to have a normal reaction. But a second later, the explosion set off the gasoline, and fire bloomed out from the area, coating the entire place in fire. Three of the soldiers waved around themselves as the fire consumed their bodies. Two others merely disintegrated into ash as the fire slammed into them. After a few seconds, the Dark Wolves jumped out from their cover and started firing on the disoriented survivors. The two remaining troops of the detachment were decapitated and fully torn apart before they even had a chance to let out a scream of pain.

"Fuck. We're going to the roof NOW!"

The Dark Wolves dove out of their positions, and made a mad dash for the metal stairs that were in the back of the construction area. Assault rifle bullets pelted the area all around them, but none of the government forces were skilled enough to land an accurate hit. A huge explosion shot out from the wall to their right just as they began to start up on the steps. Jan looked back and saw the smoking barrel of one of the tanks.

"Fuck, they're here!"
"Don't look back!"

The stairs were a set that wound around a large concrete pillar standing all the way to the top of the construction yard. Geb tripped twice, as the others did a few times. It was so dark for them to see. Another explosion lit up the area with orange light. This time the first flight of stairs were blown away. They kept on running for their lives as the explosions continued, double fold now that a second tank had entered the area. Geb saw the dark blue light show through the stairs. He knew they were almost there. He jumped to the platform where the Pelican was located. Az and Cal followed suit. But Jan wasn't so lucky. The stairs fell out right underneath her feet. Geb yelled and dove to the rough and spiked edge of the platform, his hand barely grasping her. He pulled with both hands and lifted her up to the platform just as another tank shell swooped by to kill her. Geb watched as the engines started up immediately.

"They found it! Lets go guys!"

The Pelican suddenly left the ground. It got to 5 feet, then 10 feet. What were they doing? They would never get in the Pelican at that height! All of a sudden it hit Geb in the like a rock slamming into a bug. They were leaving without them. They were going to abandon them without even batting an eye. It was smart on the military's part. Now that the mission was complete, and the Spartans' escape assured, leaving the mercenaries here would just give the military less problems in the future. But it was absolute madness!

***I'm sorry Dark Wolves. Orders of Commander Kroeger. You are to be left here for the government. I'm sorry, but we must follow orders. I'm sorry.***

Geb kneeled down as the Pelican sped away, its bright white lights shining greatly in the night sky.

"So what do we do now?"
"Fight to the end. Fight to god damn end."

Shadow ran as fast as he could towards the warehouse where the Mad Hornet was supposed to be. He saw two enemy patrols team. 5 in all.

"Hey! Stop there!"

All five of them lost their heads, an enormous pool of blood spread out on the ground like a plague. He jumped over the dead bodies and shot another blast at the door blocking the entrance to the warehouse.


The door turned a bright blue to reflect the shot that hit it. It flew back at a high speed, its hinges coming with it. He looked behind him, and saw the Pelican leave the platform. But he also saw four figures still on top of the platform. Those military fuckers must have left them behind. He ran through and brought up EVA on the COM system.

"Where is it? We need to get to them quickly."
"It's around here somewhere. Scanning...got it! It's behind some scrap metal right in front of you. The scan pulled up that it was in working condition. Shadow ran full speed into one of the pieces of scrap metal and rammed it out of the way. He took another piece and shoved it off. There it was, the Mad Hornet model. It was a pretty large ship. It was about _ the size of a Pelican. It had three hatches on the underside that could store bombs of any medium to small sort. The main cockpit had three armada sized laser chain guns and a missile launcher that stored three sidewinder VI missiles. The ship had two very large engines in the back that gave the Mad Hornet very great speed. He opened the cargo door at the back and looked inside. It was empty. Good. More room for the Dark Wolves. He closed the door and sprinted to the cockpit window. He smashed it open with the butt of his rifle and jumped through. He landed in the seat and looked around. There were screens and controls everywhere. He pressed a few to start it up, and lights lit up around the cockpit interior. In addition, an enormous amount of HUD screens showed up around the cockpit. He nodded and took hold of the joystick. He flicked a switch and began firing laser chain gun rounds at the wall of the warehouse. The wall fell apart in splinters of metal as the laser blasts tore right through it.

"Hurry up Shadow! They're running out of time!"

He pressed a few more buttons and the engines hummed to life. He grasped the throttle stick and pushed it all the way forward. The ship immediately jetted forwards so fast that Shadow was pushed back into the seat of the ship, barely able to move. He slowly pulled up on the joystick, and proceeded to the construction yard.

"We're so screwed!"
"We're running out of time! What do we do?"

Another tank blast slammed into the platform, blowing out a huge chunk. The four pulled their arms up as the fragments and crud slammed into their shirts and skin. They quickly recovered and began firing their weapons in the general direction of the enemy. But it was no use; they were too far away for any way of firing accurately enough. Geb slowly poked his head over the edge, and watched as assault rifle pinged off the area near him. He could hear the faint sound of a ship's engines. A Mad Hornet. It was coming towards them. What were they doing with MORE reinforcements? He looked up to see it. The blue lights were shut off, as if the pilot didn't want to be seen by anyone. It was coming in at high speeds, very high. Recklessly high. The ship all of a sudden veered off to the side and began blasting at the tanks. The three missiles sent out a loud screech as they contacted the tanks and blew them to kingdom come. The entire area became entrenched with smoke. And all he could see was laser fire tearing through the enemy ranks.

"What's going on?"
"I don't know."

All of a sudden, the Mad Hornet appeared out of the smoke and slowed down right over the platform. Geb squinted, trying to see the pilot through all the wind and debris. A sense of recognition flowed through him, and he smiled as he figured out it was Shadow. A transmission came over the intercom.

***Need a Ride?***

Geb smiled again and the Dark Wolves dove into the cargo bay of the Mad Hornet. The doors automatically closed. The engines began to hum again and the ship sped off into the night.