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The Renegade Marines Part XI - On The Run
Posted By: Shadow<Shadowolf16@aol.com>
Date: 13 April 2002, 3:36 am

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NOTE TO ALL READERS: First, the Rail Gun and the sniper rifle are the same thing in this story, the rail gun happens to be a type of sniper rifle. In the past, I've done the story from Kroeger's perspective, but in this particular episode, I'm doing it in the perspective of Shadow. ™

Shadow looked up as the Pelicans sped away, and his only military friend leaving without him. As they faded away into the distance, he could hear the trembling of the ground beneath him. He looked down at the ground, and it shaking violently. What could be causing this? Then, a glint caught the corner of his eye, and he spun around. For the first time in his life, his eyes became white with fear. He was frozen in place for a second, as he saw hundreds of golden elites coming at him. He immediately stepped back as soon as he got his nerve back. He turned around, and began climbing the cliff behind him, hopefully losing the elites. As he started climbing, a blue streak flashed in front of his face. He moved back just in time to let the streak fly right by him. He jerked his head to his left, and saw the elites were firing upon him. Another few streaks headed his way, all slamming into the wall he was climbing. Pieces of rock and dirt fell onto his head, and he started losing his grip. He looked back at the elites. There were only 10 now. What happened to the others? Either way, he could take 10 elites. He dropped down from the cliff, and unclipped his rail gun from its strap. He looked up as the elites all had swords and began running towards him. He smiled, and lifted his gun, and took aim.

*BLAM* *click* *BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click*

All the shots were perfectly fired, as each of the elites slumped down on the ground headless, blood flying out of their necks like water fountains. Shadow walked up to one of the bodies and kicked it. This was too easy. All of a sudden, he heard plasma rifle blasts from above him. Before the bolts could hit him, he dodged to the right as they made a huge crater where the body of the sword elite once was. He looked up, and the cliff he was climbing was now infested with all of the other elites. He stepped backwards, and began running backwards. He fired his rail gun randomly in the direction of the elites, while running into a crevice in the wall. He looked around him, and the crevice seemed like a path of some sort. He flipped his rifle, and clipped his to his back, and ran at full speed to wherever the path was taking him. Sweat ran down his face as his head jerked left, right, and up and down. His eyepiece scanned the area for hostiles, but none were present. He kept on running.
      This was a nice predicament he had put himself into. Why didn't he go with Kroeger? He knew why, because he only had himself to trust. Every time he had trusted someone, they turned on him in some way or another. He had learned from his experiences that the only person that is competent and loyal enough was himself.
      He continued to run until he came to an opening. He ran up a large hill, constantly looking back to see if there was anyone stalking him. He reached the top of the hill, and saw three elites standing there, on guard. Those fools. They will never know what hit them. He kneeled down, and took out his rifle, when all of a sudden his motion tracker beepers. He swung around, and fired.

*BLAM* *click*

      The shot went right through one elites leg, and into the head of another. The second elite fell down, as his head was still flying in the air. The first elite yelled out in pain. Shadow smiled, and fired again.

*BLAM* *click*

      The elite lost his entire chest, and what was left of his body, fell into two pieces onto the ground. The body pieces slide down the hill that the two elites were climbing up, leaving bloodstains along the grass. His tracker beeped again, and he swung around. And elite was right in front of him. The elite yelled and slammed Shadow with his rifle, causing the renegade to slide down the bloodied hill. His sniper rifle flew out of his hands and tumbled down the hill. As he slid down, rocks tore into his unarmored back, and red blood began to mix with the blue and purple blood. He groaned as he continued to slide, and reached over his bloody shoulder and pulled out an Assault Rifle. He pulled the rifle over his shoulder, and locked it between his legs. Before he reached the bottom, he fired an entire clip into the elite's head, breaking the shields, and killing him. Shadow hit the bottom of the hill, and dropped his AR. Instead of giving up, and yelling out as any marine would have done. He closed his eyes, and slowly got up. He stood on his knees for a few seconds and hope was gone in him. Things were hopeless; he had no reason to live anymore. He just sat on his knees, waiting for his execution. The world was better off without him. All of a sudden he heard a war cry of an elite, and it brought back memories of his past; memories that gave him hope. He stood up slowly, and grabbed his AR, and started to run up the hill again. On his way up, he picked up his sniper rifle, and loaded it as he ran. Another elite poked his head up on the other side. Bad move. Shadow shot his rail gun, and the elite became headless.
      Shadow got back up to the top of the hill, and looked down below him. He activated his scanner, and searched. There were 3 elites, unaware of his presence, and 2 ghosts stationed right next to 2 purple elites. He took aim and fired twice at the two elites next to the ghosts.

*BLAM* *click* *BLAM* *click*

      The two elites fell into pieces, as the other elites looked around in confusion. All of a sudden, a pain slammed into his back. The pain was like thousands of needles shoved into his spine all at one time. He was blown forward, and slid down the hill towards the confused elites near the ghosts. As he was sliding, he gained control, and got on his feet. He continued to slide down the hill on his feet, with his rifle in hand. As a moving the target, the elites couldn't track him.

*BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click*

The elites fell to the ground lifeless and in shambles. One lost his arm, and yelled in pain before dying of immediate blood loss. The second was shot in the groin, causing his legs to fly off, and his abdomen to fall on the ground. The third one fell in half as his gut was blown out of his body. Shadow cringed as each of them died gruesomely, but this was a war, and wars were gruesome and violent. He sighed as he landed at the bottom of the hill, and looked down at the dead bodies. He looked to his left, and ran up to one of the unmanned ghosts. He looked at the console, while he strapped on his AR and RG. He studied the console, and activated the ghost. This ghost seemed to have a different interface from the ones he had used in the past. Perhaps not the entire Covenant spoke the same language. The once silent ghost began to hum and the grounded Ghost began to rise off the ground. He looked up the hill, and saw some more Covenants coming his way. He grinned, and sped away, leaving the elites firing blindly and randomly at the speeding ghost. The scenery seemed fly by him like a blur, and he could barely make out where he was going. His scanner beeped, and he activated it. It showed that there was an old Longsword ship still based at the other end of the peninsula. He set the coordinates on the Ghost, and it went into autopilot. It was going to be a long ride.
      After hours, the Ghost finally came to a stop, and Shadow jumped out, his AR in his hand. He looked around, his scanner scanning for anything. There didn't seem to be any energy readings, or any life forms in the immediate area. Well, at least one of those facts was good news. He saw a small mound in front of him, and he emptied his AR clip into the mound, revealing a hidden black piece of metal. Well, well, well. It seemed someone had came here prepared to make a quick escape. He pulled off some more grass to reveal the entrance to the ship. All of a sudden he heard the familiar hum of Ghosts. There were three elite piloted ghosts coming straight at him, firing their plasma gun attachments.


He dived backwards into the bay doors of the Longsword. He was about to activate the engines, but he knew that the Ghosts were going to blow up the ship. It was his only way out, and he needed to destroy the Ghosts to get out of this hellhole. As the Ghosts littered the bay entrance with plasma fire, Shadow held tight until their fire stopped. When they did, he dived out, sniper rifle in hand. His eye looked through the scope as he fired three quick blasts.

*BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click**BLAM* *click*

The first blast took out the incoming elite, making his body fly out of his seat and backwards, while the ghost continued forwards. The second blast blew off a fin on one, and it span out of control into the third ghost. The two ghosts slammed into the ground, with their hover systems deactivated. The third blast sent the deactivated ghosts into flame, blowing the elites sky high.
      He was about to fire again, when his scanner beeped. As the scanner sent out information on its HUD, his eyes widened. It was a...Covenant tank. Shit, this was bad, VERY bad. It was still out of range, and would be within range in about 5 minutes. He needed to get the Longsowrd off the ground before the tank blew it apart. He ran through the main bay, and up to the control panel. As he ran up, he unstrapped his AR and RG. They fell down in a *clank*, as he sat down and his hands moved like lightening as they activated all the necessary systems. The hum of the Longsword started up, but was cut short as the system made a clanking and a stalling sound. For the first time since he saw Kroeger at the other side of the Peninsula, he said a word.


      He immediately got out of the seat, and took the elevator down to the engine room. He looked at the engine, and made a few adjustments, but the engine still wouldn't start up. He looked to the right of the engine, and saw the batteries were damaged, and unrepairable.


      All of a sudden, he realized that all Longswords had a backup energy reserve. He walked to the other end of the engine room. As he ran, he looked up in his scanner, and saw on the HUD that there was about a minute and a half before the tank got within range. He ran to the backup energy supply, took out the power cord and attached it to the engine. He felt a huge shock as the energy from the battery ran to the engine. He was blown back from the electricity, and he fell to the ground. He slowly got back up, when his scanner beeped again. 30 seconds. He immediately ran back to the elevator back up to the Longsword. 10 seconds. He jumped out of the elevator and headed towards the console. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. He dived at the console, pushing the lever.

Outside, the tank adjusted its cannon towards the Longsword, and the commander spoke with the gunner in their language.

***I want that Longsword destroyed. Put all your power into this blast.***

The Longsword slowly lifted off the ground as the mortar blast was sent over in its direction. Shadow activated the boosters, and the Longswords sped away, avoiding the mortar's explosion. He pulled up on the joystick, and the ship was up and away. Shadow smiled to himself, as his scanner gave him a count of the amount of elites he had killed. The HUD read 21. He smiled again, as the Longsword left the atmosphere of Earth, heading towards a colony in space, never to see the marines, nor the Covenant again.