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Comments for 'The Renegade Marines Part XI - On The Run'

5:53 am | April 27, 2002
why does shaow hate the humans as well?
6:14 pm | April 15, 2002
hehe...we'll see. *wink wink*
11:51 am | April 15, 2002
hehe. Well, you see, all the marines are generally considered "renegades" cause they were betrayed by the government and now the government is after them. So essentially, they're renegades as well. Just to clear up again, (I know I'm annoying) Shadow is a renegade, but was never part of the military. Hope that clears is all up.
1:50 am | April 15, 2002
Nice, maybe for the last episode you could bring Shadow out of retirement. =) Just a sugestion , but that would b cool.
9:30 pm | April 14, 2002
o ok...just wondering...thnaks for the reassurence :)PS- until now, i thought Shadow was the main character cuz the title is "The Renegade Marine" and Shadow is referred to as a "Renegade" but its all cool..
9:16 pm | April 14, 2002
No. This is the story of Shaodw, a side character in the story of RM. The main character, Kroeger, has much more action left for him.
6:57 pm | April 14, 2002
so....is The Renegade Marine over? i mean, you finished by saying that he never saw a Human or Covenant again, is it over?
6:25 pm | April 14, 2002
I see. Thank you fer yer opinions, I'll try harder next time.
5:56 pm | April 14, 2002
Heh, nice grammar Jaywit! I told you that you could do it! As for you, Shadow, I'm a little disapointed. You're writing quality was rather poor in this edition; and I prefer quality over quantity.
2:42 pm | April 14, 2002
I love reading it from Shadow's prespective. Very nice