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I've been dead so long, a Flood so long
Posted By: SeverianofUrth<residentpark@aol.com>
Date: 20 June 2004, 12:59 AM

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      I've been dead so long,
      it feels like I'm playing pong,
      bouncing sanity and insanity,
      bloodlust and civility.

      I've been dead so long,
      it feels like I'm gripped in a tong,
      held up to the eyes of God,
      awaiting Judgement Day.

      I've been a part of the horder forever,it seems,
      the Flood of us and me's and we
      united in our lethal desires,
      divided in our retained humanities.

      I've been dead in my heart,
      beating independent of my soul,
      I've seen your scared little eyes,
      sorry, I don't have control of the hand
      that rips your face off.

      I'm a Flood in heart, Flood in body
      My human soul slipping fast
      Save me God, save me Satan
      my people me is going down the drain.