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Soldiers of Heaven: Chapter 2
Posted By: Sergeant B<aoxuan@comcast.net>
Date: 26 August 2003, 3:55 PM

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Falcon and Hawk desperately fired against the Covenant waves. To the two Spartan squad leaders, there were at least 100 Covenant charging them and at least 300 more covenant were inside the base. The duo of Spartans decided to race up to a safe spot and fire from there. They sprinted up to a platform and effectively shot down more covenant. Hawk threw through a grenade at a charging squad of elites. The six Elites burst in the air like fireworks. The supersoldiers killed all of the Covenant in the room. They hurried to what they thought was the control room. They were right. But a Commander Elite spotted the two and the elite and his counterpart charged up to the spartans, activating their plasma swords. Falcon dodged the elite's swings, then with his pistol, he fired right into the heart of the monster. But Hawk wasn't as lucky. The elite was able to slice some of her skin of from her arm. Hawk fired some of her rifle's rounds, taking the pain. Then with a sudden jolt, the elite charged up to her, pushing his plasma sword through Hawk's chest. Before he could turn to Falcon, he shot his pistol at the elite's head, pouring parts of its brain and blood onto the surface. The standing Spartan raced to Hawk's side. He checked her vitals; she still had one more. Falcon then spotted the thing the strike team was looking for. The data file that had all the information of the Covenant, including the Covenant homeworld. He picked up Hawk then grabbed the file then he sprinted back to the marines and his other squadmates.

The marines thought they couldn't fight off the Covenant reinforcements. Some of them even thought of surrendering. Devil also called for reinforcements. But he thought that the reinforcements would come after the Covenant stepped their feet on them, laughing in their alien tongues. MSDO even had to borrow Devil's pistol because he didn't have any more ammo for his weapons. Devil fired his last machine gun rounds at an Spec Op elite. He then moved to his shotgun. He was able to blast 3 grunts with one shotgun round. Tex was also losing available guns. All he had left was a SMG and 1 Grenade. Deroi had plenty of ammo. He even lended MSDO one of his pistols and the other to Tex. He was also running out of biomedicine that kept marines alive. Deroi fired some rounds at the covenant before resuming his duty.

Falcon charged down the hallway with his rifle in his right hand, Hawk in his left, and the file in a pocket in his armor. He had to drop one of his pistols just to fit the file into his armor. He shot some charging grunts( the last in the base). He arrived outside and found Deroi."What happened to her?" asked Deroi."She got stabbed into the chest from a plasma sword." replied Falcon. He saw that he was busy. He then decided to do it himself. He took off Hawk's helmet, revealing her brown hair. He took one of the medicines; NafadX. It was a medicine that cured the wounds with cells. He injected it into Hawk's body then checked her vitals. It still was on red. He thought he'd see her shields but then saw that the shields were destroyed also.

Devil used the last round in his shotgun, then he spotted a plasma rifle. He ran to it, while punching a grunts in the head. He picked it up, then fired, killing 20 grunts. That's why they called him Devil. Tex used the last of his SMG then ran to a dead grunt and picking up its plasma pistol. MSDO wasn't as fortunate as the two other spartans were. He ran unarmed to 5 dead elites with no plasma rifles. What bad luck. Finally, he found a plasma pistol. He fired it, but before he even fired 2 bolts, it was dead. The battle raged on for a couple of more minutes before the Covenant called for retreat. The commander elite called something on his plasma link. Then 50 Covenant dropships landed onto the beach. Falcon told the marines to hold their fire. Once the dropships flew away, all the marines jumped up shouting "WE WILL WIN YOU COVENANT FREAKS!"