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Comments for 'Soldiers of Heaven: Chapter 2'

9:36 pm | August 28, 2003
Oh, and wouldn't Soldiers of Heaven mean that they're dead?
1:05 am | August 28, 2003
I think that they're carrying waaaaaaaaaay too many weapons...and i second what Arthur Wellesly said...
10:26 pm | August 27, 2003
hear, hear! well said, Arty.

Read "Last of the Walking Dead" by Walker! Now that Part 3 and the Epilogue are out, the series is complete. I'd appreciate any comments you have, so please take a visit to my story pages and review!

don't worry, it's not pure action--there isn't a single shot fired in part 2.

p.s.: you can turn this story around with a bit of skill and luck, Sarge B, so don't give up the ship yet!
Arthur Wellesly
6:30 pm | August 27, 2003
By God, but these pure action, no story fictions are getting tired. I have to suggest you start a new story with an actual plot, or somehow save this one.