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Survival or Death: Episode I
Posted By: Sergeant B<aoxuan@comcast.net>
Date: 20 August 2003, 5:58 PM

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Delko Colony, 2554, 1200
Hyati Base, Headquarters

"We're tracking 50 banshees, and 200 Covenant bastards, sir." "How did they track us down all the way here? We carefully planned this from the begginning of the war. Okay, turn to Combat Alert Alpha. And send in Alpha Company, Bravo Company, Raider's Company, and Lunar Company to defend the base. I want Tang, Keen, and Covo Companies to stay back 'till I order them to, Major." "Yes sir!"

Hyati Base, Raider's Campus

"We're finally getting to kick some covenant ass! Yeah, I've dreamed of this since my dad destroyed a Covenant Battle Cruiser!" said Private 1st Class Jack Portman. "You know what, I heard that a Covenant strikeforce assembled like must be one of the Prophet Generals' units. I can't wait to snipe his head off!" said Corporal Kevins. "Don't get yout hi hopes to up yet sons, 50 banshees, 200 Covenant, and half of the covenant are Elites! You new marines are getting crazy these days!" replied Major Fellons, commanding officer of Raider's Company. "Companies Alpha, Bravo, Raider's, and Lunar report to designated areas at this time, Alpha, Bravo, Raider's, and Lunar. "That's us men, lock-an'-load, let's shoot the hell of them damn bastards!" shouted Fellons. "Sir, yes sir!!"
* * *
Covenant Battle cruiser: The Prophet, Time 1100
Prophet Council headquarters

"My excellentcies, I assure you that this operation will be a success. I have gathered the best of my troops to assault the earth colony." said Prophet General Langhorn Yarrophus. "I wish you the best luck General."

Hyati Base, Time 1500

"Sir, the Covenant have opened fire." reported Lieutenant Yocker.

"We're going to shoot some Covenant ass!" remaked Jack Portman, while grabbing his assault rifle. He marched outside and saw Covenant charging straight at him."Firing!" said Private Georgeson. This was the first time Raider's Company fought something this big. As there was firing, there was also dying. Jack and Bob( Jack's squadmate) had a combined total of at least 25 elite kills already."Private Portman, come over here! I nedd your help!" shouted Sergeant Vedder, leader of Dagger Squad, Jack's squad. "Yes sir?" replied Jack. Before Sergeant Vedder said anything, a fuel rod blast hit him, making Vedder fly in the air. "NO! shouted Jack. He stood up and charged, firing his assault rifle. He fired his clip, then realized he was charging up to 150 covenant. He sprinted back to the camp. "We lost Sergeant Vedder." moaned Jack. "Also Kevins." said Bob. Both of them were in shock. They finally realized what war was all about. Fighting and death. "Okay, Georgeson, mount a LAAG near the northwest area of our camp, Arra northeast, and I will take the center. Move!" The three marines mounted the LAAG and then fired at the charging covenant. After a few more minutes, the firing died. Then all of the sudden, a marine from from Covo Company said over the com link, "Any UNSC marines available, please come back and help, gaah! spt spt chh chh...... The marine was gone. "Let's head back!" commanded Jack. The three marines ran back to only that all the marines were dead. "Take all the ammo you can find. I'm going to try to call HQ. This is Private 1st Class Portman calling to HQ, any UNSC perssonnel respond!" shouted Jack over the com link.There was no respond. "Jack, does that mean we're the only ones left?" asked Georgeson. "Yup.". The three marines decided to go to a pelican and fly back to the colony, Yachori. They flew into the planet's atmosphere and landed on a platform, only to see that all the inhabitants on it were killed. Luckily, they found a badly wounded marine that knew information on what happened. They got back to the Pelican, but not before covenant attacked them.

Covenant Battle Cruiser: The Prophet

"M'lords, I have good news. The strike force has successfully assaulted the Human base. But a crew of 3 escaped before we could get there. Luckily, they were last sighted near the planet Yachori." "I want you to follow them them and destroy them, understood?" "Yes m'lords."

Echo 918

The wounded marine that was saved was called Higsby Ollo, a private.Luckily he was a medic/assaultman. "So, what happened asked Georgeson. "Simple, we were attacked after you were.So, you're part of the famous Raider's Company? Cool. I'm in Mach Company.So, where are we going? asked Ollo. "We're going to Washingnton." replied Jack. "But I thought it was forbidden to go to earth because of the covenant." said Ollo. "Those fuckin' bastards have already found Earth."