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Banserki's Journal (Part 4)
Posted By: Sarge<banserkigrunts@hotmail.com>
Date: 3 April 2002, 9:36 pm

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Banserki Journal, Day: Unknown, Hour: Unknown

     Tasakki and Jonored were both here in this cell. From what I can tell we are in some underground structure. Four other grunts and an elite are here as well. Jonored is in a small can shaped cell made of a strong glass, and the same shields the elites use. Jonored's weapon had been drained and he was thrashing around like a Minotaur. The rest of us were in a single cell, the cell was quite big considering these infidels were our enemies. Then a small man with two guards came into our cell, he asked for a person to defect and give the infidels all the information they wanted. The infidel stated that whoever defected would be free; of course I knew this was a lie. This infidel was special he could speak our language. One of my grunt brethren stepped forward and walked towards the three infidels. We all watched in horror as the grunt walked over to the infidels. I heard the elite behind me give out a battle cry and shouted out Nike; Nike was our god of victory. The elite ran forward and smashed the skull of the grunt. The grunt collapsed and hit the floor with a thud. A thud that echoed in my mind, to think one of my brethren would betray me. The two armed men shot their infidel weapons at the elite, the elites body shield had already been depleted so the shots hit his skin, Piercing it in six places. The elite went down on one knee and gave out a loud snarl. The elite was losing his blood fast; if he was not bandaged quickly he would die. The elite squatted there for a while staring at the three infidels. They stared at each other for what seemed like an hour but was really only about a minute. Then the men turned around and left without another word.
     I ran over to the elite and grabbed him and tried to pull him up. Tasakki ran over and helped me; we pulled the elite over to a wall where we propped him up. I took off the bandage around my leg and put it over his shoulder where most of the bullets had connected. The elite was losing consciousness quickly; he just looked at us for a while. The last thing he said before he went unconscious was a chant to Nike. Indeed we would have victory over the infidels. The elite lost consciousness he was still alive, but he would probably die before we got out of this camp.
     A while later the special infidel came back except this time he brought with him an entire squad of infidels. There were about twelve of them sporting assault rifles. The special infidel told us to come and not try anything funny. He said we were going to some place called a cafeteria. This cafeteria was indeed a mystery. Not even Jonored knew what this cafeteria was. It must be a place where they take cafes and tear them apart. Or maybe they were going to tear him and his brethren apart. This cafeteria must be a place of torture.
     We got to the cafeteria and found that it was actually a place for eating. These infidels were strange instead of food nipples they gave us these strange plates called trays. The trays were flat objects of which you put food on. In this cafeteria many of my brethren were eating. Apparently the infidels had captured many of us. These infidels were stupid, putting us all in one room what a perfect place to start a revolt.
     After we received our foods and put them on our tray we sat down on small boards with bigger boards over. The infidels called these boards benches and the bigger boards were tables. Well I sat at a large table where many of the commander elites were. I told them this cafeteria would be the place to revolt. After a while the guards groped back up and herded us back into our cells. This time Jonored was giving some injection and placed in our large cell. The infidel soldiers also through some bandages toward the injured elite, who was now conscious but not moving. He hadn't even touched the infidel foodstuffs., he was like many of the elders who despised the infidels and wouldn't take their charity. I think some of my brethren have lost their minds why we have been here.
     That night I remembered the gods and made sire I prayed to every one of them. I feared that if I forgot one they would keep me imprisoned forever. If not here but elsewhere, the afterlife would be a dark one if I forgot one of them. What time is it I had forgotten to pray to the god of gods Zeus. He was supposed to be honored after every meal. Without him the other gods would abandon us so we had to pray to him specially.
     That night I had a dream it was strange all my brethren and I were in a giant room with a large light. Then dark figures appeared they sliced through some of my brethren, we started running for the light. Many of us made it in, as it was my turn to go through one of the shadow figures grabbed Tasakki. I saw the light closing but I ran back and hit the shadow figure. He let go of Tasakki and together we ran towards the light. Tasakki went through first and after he went through the light closed tight leaving me and a few of my brethren stranded with the shadow people. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating, there was a shadowy figure above me. He had something in his hand I kicked it hard and flew to the ground and shattered. Then he pulled out a gods grenade and stuck it on my head. He then picked it me up and threw me into a wall then the grenade exploded.
     I woke up this time I knew it was real because I heard the sound of what the infidels called The Star Spangled Banner. The horrible screeching reminded me of a knife scratching a planningboard. The horrible noise was enough to cause the wounded elite to panic and start howling and punching a wall. It put a nice size dent in the wall and through the wall we could see a small bit of light. I knew this could be our escape I told the others in my cell about the plan. My brethren agreed wholeheartedly se dragged the elite to the hole and put it over him so that the infidels would not see it.