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Comments for 'Banserki's Journal (Part 4)'

11:13 am | April 8, 2002
Your tooth?
9:03 pm | April 7, 2002
at the end where you said the Star Spangled Banner sounded like a knife on a board, my tooth started hurting...lol...
3:21 pm | April 6, 2002
Very good this was a nice one keep them coming and I guess those grunts were kinda hyped up on something
11:18 am | April 6, 2002
nope, it's just a common name. I think i'll start posting with my nickname, Speedy
7:32 pm | April 5, 2002
JAson is your name Silent Gant or somethign like that on BGH.
6:59 pm | April 5, 2002
awesome... probably one of the best i've read from a Covenant point of view...kinda weird that the grunts don't run away in it though :P
The British Commando
10:08 am | April 5, 2002
Not bad at all...But now I have a sudden urge to tear cafes apart...