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Banserki's Journal (Part 2)
Posted By: Sarge<banserkigrunts@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 March 2002, 10:29 pm

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Here's installment number two hope its just as good. The reason it was done so quickly is because i already have 1, 2, and 3 of the parts typed up typed up and posted on Battlegroudn HAlo.

Day 2 Banserki journal 5:42 a.m. Aquaris II

     I woke up to the sounds of screaming and explosions. I ran outside my tent to see my brethren being slaughtered by an infidel ship. How could the infidels do this? Is it the will of the gods for us to be slaughtered this way? They attacked our banshees first; they are scared of our advanced technology they know they would be destroyed. I was scared, I started to run and leave my brethren behind. Then I saw him it was Shakarri's mangled body thrown over a rock. His arm completely blown away and his leg hanging by one piece of skin, the rage was starting to build up. The infidels would pay for this; indeed the gods would help them. He took out his gods grenades and threw them at the infidel ship. It stuck to the engine of the infidel ship. It exploded sending its fiery fury through the vessel. I saw it lose altitude and crash some distance away. Indeed the gods had rewarded him for his faithful service.

     Shortly after the attack all my brotherin and I held a meeting to honor the gods, and discover there will. The wise hunter named Jonored was the first to speak. He spoke about the gods and how nothing happens by accident. He also spoke of his vision and how the gods must have destroyed those who were not loyal to their will. The casualty count was half of the force in that area, I knew this meant the rest of us would have to work twice as hard. He then spoke about how the infidels' ship crashed down. Then to my surprise he mentioned my name. He spoke to the present about how I must be the choosen one, that was long ago prophesied. This choosen one was suppose to lead the Covenant to total victory. I didn't believe it was I; I am not worthy of such a noble task. For the gods to choose me why would I be the one so thoroughly blessed.

     He then spoke of the scout reports, they had found the infidels camp. It was on a plateau about six human miles away. I knew I would have a long walk ahead of me. But this time I was not scared at all, the gods had protected me through the first battle. I know they will not abandon me now. I went back to my tent and prepared to leave with the rest of the assault force.

     We sat off at 2:13 p.m. I had been made a squad commander. The youngest ever, I lead three jackals and five grunts. The most warriors ever commanded by a single grunt, I was nervous but knew the gods would be with me.

     After three hours of hiking we saw a small infidel force, it consisted of two infidel jeeps and 8 infantry. I told my jackals to make there shields over lap and the rest of us would throw one grenade over then fire our plasma pistols full charge. I lead my brethren out and we did what was planed, our grenades exploded flipping over both of the infidel jeeps and killing five of the infidels. I fired my plasma pistol, which hit one of the infidels in the face blowing off his head. The other two were killed by my fellow brethren. Tasakki killed one of the other infidels with a shot to the middle section making a hole the diameter of an elite head. The last one was killed by a plasma shot to the leg and one to the chest. Indeed the gods had given me another victory over the infidels.