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Banserki's Journal (Part 1)
Posted By: Sarge<banserkigrunts@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 March 2002, 11:58 pm

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My characters name is Banserki. He's a grunt who has never seen battle. This is one of my first tries hope its good. I will make future installments, maybe.

Day 1 Banserki journal 20:52 p.m. Aquaris II.

It's a cold night and I'm worried. But I remember that the gods will be with me. My gods pistol resting on my lap as we descend. This planet known as Aquaris II has a harsh shrill atmosphere. I hear the shouts from outside my drop ship. It is hard for me to imagine the battlefield. Just the thought of it worries me. But I know the gods will be with me. Sharraki sits to my right. His face shows that of a harden warrior. He has fought many a battle for the gods. He is one of the two elites in the drop ship. There are also two jackals, and six grunts. I close my eyes and try to imagine the battlefield of which I head for.

I hear the air fly in the drop ship. It awakens me from my light sleep. I peer out the opening doors and see fire in the distance. I know my fellow brotherin could be in danger. The door is now fully opened and Sharraki tells me to get out. I had dropped many times during training missions. But this time it was different. I was so nervous I fell on my face getting out of the drop ship. My fellow brotherin laughed, I was the only new warrior in my drop ship. The others looked down on me like I was inferior. I heard one of the jackals yell for me to go back and have a food nipple. I try to ignore them and concentrate on the battlefield I now stand on. we were about three hundred human yards from the fighting. It was dark and i could not see anything in that area except for the flashes of plasma.

As we got closer I could hear the screams of the wounded. The humans shouting in there strange language that we had only begun to decipher. I turned on my translators and heard cries of pain. I decided I would receive no tactical information from the infidels, so I shut off the translator. We were closer now I could see flashlights, plasma, and the muzzle flashes from the infidel weapons. A stray rocket flew over my head, it scared me so much so that I hid behind a rock. I stayed there tell Sharraki found me and told me to get up and join the fight. It encouraged me a little, to think that the Elite wanted me to fight. I must be important to my brotherin after all.

Well it so happens I never fired a shot, by the time we were in the heat of the battle the infidels had already pulled back. There were no infidel bodies to collect or prisoners for us to interrogate so we sent out our scouts to find their camp. It was hard for me to sleep even in the midst of my brotherin. My fear was so strong I could smell it. I slept little to none that night. The gods no longer comforted me the only comfort was my gods pistol and my gods grenades.