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Comments for 'Banserki's Journal (Part 1)'

2:42 am | October 26, 2002
jar,i really like it dude. i am thinking of writing something.u inspired me so to speakpatrick
Patrick Daunt
2:40 am | October 26, 2002
Jar,First off, I have to tell u that i need to read the story before i really can give u a gud, sensible,feedback.Hoo-ah,Semper fi,Patrick Daunt
6:08 pm | March 25, 2002
Hey Sarge this is an excellent story; I can really imagine the grunt telling it. It's also the first story from a grunt's perspective, I think. Great work...
10:00 pm | March 24, 2002
Demonic how many times have you read my story lol. I have a question do you think i should change parts 3 and 4 or leave um the same as Battleground Halo.
7:27 pm | March 24, 2002
Good work! Keep it up!
11:51 pm | March 23, 2002
UNfourtanetly they are called infidel for the next 3 parts as well. They are all already written purhaps i can change.
11:21 pm | March 23, 2002
SUch as?
10:32 pm | March 23, 2002
I don't only call the Covenant "Covenant." Just most of the time. Infidels gets repetitous. Pick another insulting label to call the humans.
9:20 pm | March 23, 2002
I like infidels and why do you only call COvenant covenant. Therefore the COvenant call humans infidels.
6:42 pm | March 23, 2002
Pick new names for the humans instead of "infidels." I actually had the same idea, but for an Elite. Other than some typos... good work.