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End Game
Posted By: Ryan<meotadog@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 March 2002, 5:06 am

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Earth's people joined in war,
an outcome that could last forever more.
United to save humanity from death,
and take from every covenant their last breath.

The wind at our backs, shotguns by our side,
tearing up turf as foes collide.
Blasts of flame, bullets of lead,
solders with no name fall forward dead.

Men from all sides lock n' load,
as allied lines begin to erode.
Ammunition whistles past as we charge,
young men die along with their 'sarge'.

Never before had these men seen war,
nothing could have prepared them for the blood and gore.
The loss of brothers, and friends alike,
they mourned along their never ending hike.

Once more the battle cry was heard,
the death of so many seemed all so absurd.
Countless more were sure to see the light,
as earth's last hope raged on with the fight.

Against a foe who could not tell right from wrong,
the exchange of fire lasted so long.
The enemy charged from upon their flank,
and the moral of UNSC forces quickly sank.

Squadrons were crushed by their foe's fire,
and in one Humans heart burned a desire.
His friends were wounded, battered and weak,
to be home with their families is all they would seek.

One last solder, one last round
the field is now empty, nothing makes a sound.
from high above the sniper aims,
with only one shot his blast maims.

Wounded and beaten the last solder falls face first,
dying for his people was far from a curse.
He felt the warmth leave his chest,
he was one last solder not laid to rest.

His family back home wept and cried,
yet another good man had selflessly died.
Echoes of a hundred men lived on,
because in their loved one's hearts they would never be gone.r