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Comments for 'End Game'

Takato Matsuki
9:31 pm | March 29, 2002
Ryan this stuff is great you need to make more.Well at one more.
8:44 pm | March 29, 2002
flawless. a masterpiece. ya gotta make more stuff li dis more often.
11:24 pm | March 17, 2002
Thank ya'll.
11:15 pm | March 17, 2002

Hmm... not bad... good how you tell a coherent story, as opposed to just throwing words around randomly.

Sometimes, you have to really maim your words to get them to rhyme, though...

And couplets have a habit of being a bit shallow. But on the whole, not bad, not bad at all...


10:45 pm | March 17, 2002
really good....
9:09 pm | March 17, 2002
niiiice... especially after a 6 year break!
9:06 pm | March 17, 2002
That was my first shot at poetry in 6 years...I hope ya'll like it.By the way, it was purposely untitled.