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Strange Bedfellows (Part 1)
Posted By: Robo42786 and JayWhit10<Robo42786@aol.com>
Date: 24 April 2002, 11:00 am

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(Note: This story is a compilation of The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine written by Jaywhit10 and the ODST Saga written by Robo42786. The point of view will be in the 3rd person and we will appreciate comments on this story .)
     Alpha-249 with Tango-579 on board streaked towards the position of the team of ODSTs on the ground needing extract. There were seven marines and five members of my team including me onboard the pelican. The pilot screamed something at everyone but no one seemed to hear him until the pelican shook uncontrollably. This time everyone shut up and heard him "EVERYBODY HOLD ON WE"RE UNDER ATTACK FROM COVENANT ON THE GROUND". The pelican shook again and the metal plates were becoming hotter.
     "From where!". The Lt. asked the pilot.
     "FROM EVERYWHERE".Something hit the pelican and part of the plating back heard was blown off blowing two marines out of the pelican.
     "Oh my god we're screwed" The marine next to J.D. was shaking and looking very nervous. "I don't wanna die".
     Sarah who was next to J.D. leaned forward. "Its ok all right, just calm down you won't die". Another thing hit the pelican and this time the wall behind the marine was blown open and he was blown out of the pelican. J.D. was sucked out of the pelican but he grabbed the melted outside part of the metal plating.
     "HOLY SHIT SOMEBODY HELP ME". J.D. felt someone's hand grab onto his hand and wrist.
     He was losing his grip on the pelican and plasma fire was all around him striking the pelican all over. J.D. heard people screaming and the Lt. yelling at someone to hold on. "I'm trying sir, J.D. hold on I've got you". He couldn't really hear her but he knew it was Sarah. J.D. knew if he let go he would fall to his death but he also knew his teammate wouldn't let go. J.D. was hoping to hold on till the pelican landed but he knew that wasn't possible because the plasma shots were getting closer to him and if they hit J.D. would fall. A Fuel Rod Cannon blast struck the wing of the pelican above him and it made J.D. let go, but Sarah was still holding on. J.D.'s weight was too much and he slipped out of her hand. He fell from the pelican and saw flames coming from the wing, he flipped around and saw a bunch of trees below him. "HOLY SHIIITTT" J.D. screamed as he fell.
     He tried making himself slow down by opening up as much as he possibly could. J.D. reached for the trees branches as he passed, but each branch he grabbed didn't hold long and broke. The last one J.D. tried for slowed him down enough that when he hit the ground he wasn't dead. J.D. was in serious pain and his left shoulder and his right ankle hurt like hell. J.D. tried to move around but the pain was too intense. He slowly pushed up against the trunk of the tree. He checked what he had with himself which was his combat knife, his MA5B, and two clips of ammo. Parts of his armor broke off and he hoped that he wouldn't run into any Covenant out here. J.D.'s HUD was broken and the com didn't look repairable. He grabbed a downed branch and pulled it over himself hoping to provide some camouflage. He just lay there trembling from two things being cold and scared out of his mind.
     "OH MY GOD HE FELL", everyone in the pelican was quiet and just looked at Sarah who was just sitting there just staring out the hole. "He just slipped out of my hand and ..... fell". "Sarah it wasn't your fault", "Yes it was, you never have had a person in your hands that you could have saved.Even as a ......." "Excuse me if you don't mind marines the left wing is about to rip off so sit the hell down". The pelican was hit by three Fuel Rod Cannon blasts and started careening towards the ground. It was mere seconds before it hit and J.D. saw it. He didn't need to see it hit because his friends were on it and his chances of living was drastically reduced if they died. The pelican hit and smoke came out of the ground. J.D. heard something large moving in his direction.
     J.D. saw a covenant patrol with Hunters, Grunts, and Jackals but there was no elites with them. Lucky for me but there were still three Hunters with them. One of the Hunters walked away from the patrol, looked over in J.D.'s direction, and examined the broken branches near him. The rest of the covenant started getting farther away and J.D. knew this was his chance, he grabbed my combat knife and jumped on him. He started stabbing him in the neck and it snarled while trying to reach him. J.D. pulled it out and crammed it into his skull. It stopped moving and fell to the ground. J.D. got off the Hunter, picked up his combat knife, and wiped its blood off of himself. He took the Hunter's plasma grenades and just hunkered down. He decided that he would wait here but then J.D. heard gunfire in the direction of the Covenant patrol. J.D. knew this was the squad that Alpha-297 was picking up. He got up and started running as fast as my hurt legs could take me.
     J.D. herd someone barking orders at their squad, "kill the damned Hunters first then go after the grunts and jackals!" Yelled the unknown officer. A sniper round whizzed right over J.D.'s head and blew one of the Hunter's heads off. A Rocket impacted the other Hunter, killing it instantly. "Get your head down!" The man yelled at J.D., J.D. did as he was told and dove into some bushes while 10 grunts ran past him attacking the small squad of ODST. 3 of the soldiers had shotguns and 2 others had ARs they leveled their weapons and chewed up the 10 Grunts in seconds.
     J.D. saw something that the ODST didn't see, a Jackal was charging up his plasma pistol and aiming it at the ODST. J.D. took his bloody combat knife and threw it at the Jackal, the knife struck in the left torso region and caused it to discharge its shot, missing the ODST completely. The squad leader saw this and finished off the Jackal with his AR. He walked up to J.D. and said "That was a very nice throw, thank you that Jackal could have done some real damage to my squad if it wasn't for you. What's your name and rank soldier?"
     "My name is Corporal J.D. Andrews. And it was nothing, you're the ones who saved my life."
     "Well, Corporal, my name is Lieutenant Robert Clower, I'm with the ODST here on Sigma Octanus II and this is my squad." Robert pointed to all the members of his team. "That's Chad, Kevin, Brett, Jonathan, Alex and David. Now let's go find the rest of your squad, we have medical supplies and we'll get you patched up when we find them."
     "Great, I hope they are all ok."
     "Can you walk?" Inquired Robert.
     "I think so, my ankle and shoulder really hurts though."
     "Ok, Brett see if you can pick up the homing beacon from that Pelican."
     "I got it, It's about 300 meters west of here."
     "Good, that shouldn't be much of a walk." The 8 men hiked to the signal hoping that J.D.'s squad would be ok.
     "Uh......Lieutenant, what's in the box?" J.D. motioned towards the hover crate.
     "That is what we came for, it has a Covenant scientist species in it, we have orders to bring it back to HQ. What are you doing here Corporal?"
     J.D. paused for a moment then said "My squad and I were sent here to reinforce the marines on this planet. We came on board a USNC destroyer along with two other ships. We came out of slipspace and came upon a large space battle in which the Covenant were wiping us out. The other ships were destroyed and we were boarded and all the marines abandoned ship and we were lucky to get off the flaming hunk of metal and onto solid ground."
     "You may change your mind about that statement once you've seen combat down here Corporal."
     "Sir I've seen hell, I was in a battle in which the five squads were sent and wiped out. Me and one of my teammates got out alive. Pelicans that were sent in the recover us and bring reinforcements were wiped out. I know what hell is and that battle was when I got a metal plate in my head and the loss of someone I loved "
     The Lieutenant looked at J.D. and they came up on the wrecked Pelican and Inspected the crash site. The squad of ODSTs went and secured the area and Lt. Clower with two members of his squad followed J.D. into the downed pelican.There were pieces of metal everywhere and J.D. started picking up the metal off the ground. There was marines buried under the metal and they all helped. Lt. Clower found two marines near each other still alive. Jessica stood up out of the pieces and helped Taylor out . A piece of metal moved on its own and Lt. Roberts stood up bleeding from a gash on his forehead. Lt. Roberts pulled out a marine and he was unconscious. The Lt. just stared at J.D. "How the hell did you survive that fall and how did you get here J.D.?"
     "Sir it's a long story, ask Lt. Clower about some of it" J.D. started looking through the pieces of the metal and someone's hand stuck out. J.D. pulled the marine out and she hugged him.
     "I thought you died from the fall J.D."
     "No I didn't die Sarah, I wouldn't leave my squad so soon." The marine had a medic cross on her helmet One of the ODSTs outside yelled something. Lt. Clower walked outside with one of the marines.
     "Sir I found a marine"
     "It's one of my marines sir and I guess he was tossed out during the crash."
     "Who are you Sgt"
     "I am Sgt. Jack Peters from Omega squad from the destroyed Elemental. We got in the pelican with Tango-597 and I've already loss three marines. Now I have another dead."
     Lt. Clower told his sniper to distribute the med kits he brought to the marines that needed them.
     A sniper round was fired. "Lieutenant, Covenant forces are coming" Lieutenant Roberts ran out of the damaged pelican and yelled to his squad to open fired. J.D. ran out with the rest of his squad. Taylor grabbed a bandoleer of grenades, Jessica aimed her MA5B, J.D. kneeled down and Sarah was patching up his wounds. The marines dropped down onto the dirt and took cover behind rocks and tree trunks. Omega's marines climbed on top of the pelican with an ODST sniper. The lines of marines opened fire. There were 15 Grunts, 7 Hunters, 6 Jackals, and 11 elites in view.
     All the marines fired on the Covenant units. The Covenant were being chopped up until they returned fire. Taylor tossed the bandoleer and watched it explode in the middle of the Covenant. After the smoke cleared the Elite's and Grunts weren't there but there were Jackals covering Hunters as they fired their Fuel Rod Cannons at the pelican. One marine from Omega was blown apart. All of a sudden plasma fire erupted right in front of our lines. The Elites and Grunts had moved closer and surprised us. Jessica was hit in the chest and knocked down. Lt. Roberts moved Jessica out of the way and opened fire. Sarah went over there and helped her and then J.D. started shooting up an Elite. Its shield flickered and died and its blood was splattered all over a grunt. J.D. aimed at another Elite and noticed something familiar, it had a scar on its face. I knew it noticed me when it just stared in my direction, it turned and barked orders to two other Elites. All three of them charged our lines and Two of the ODSTs, Alex and David, put their shotguns to the belly of 2 of the Elites and pulled the trigger, s blowing the Elites' torso to pieces. The Elite Commander with the scar hit threw Alex and David like rag dolls. J.D. used up his entire clip, 60 rounds of shredder rounds, into the Elite, its shields went out but it kept charging. J.D. was ready to meet his maker. He closed his eyes. The Elite collapsed onto J.D. "What the heck?" J.D. was completely confused. He looked up and saw Lt. Clower standing above him.
     "Looked like you could have used a hand. You ok Corporal?"
     "I'm fine." He pushed the Elite's body off of him and stood up ready to take on more Covenant.
     "Damn it we are outnumbered badly we need some heavy firepower." Said Lt. Clower. "Wait a second, we have a SkyHawk Jump Jet on standby. Those things have four 50mm chain guns and Scorpion missiles." He took out his radio and noticed it was smashed. "Shit, Brett give me your radio."
     "Mine is trashed boss!" He shouted.
     "Shit we might be screwed after all."
     "Lt. try the radio in the Pelican, I think Jessica said it was still working." Said J.D.
     "Great work, kid" Lt. Clower ran to the cockpit of the Pelican and kicked in the windshield. He grabbed the radio and set it on the frequency that General Harris told him to use. "Skyhawk pilot this is Lt. Robert Clower, we need you to mop up some Covenant troops for us at these coordinates." He punched in the coordinates where they were and sent them to the Skyhawk.
     "Roger, Lt. on my way, no artillery to take out?" he sounded disappointed
     "Hell no, thankfully. Clower out." He got out of the cockpit and yelled at the marines. "Everyone retreat back towards the Pelican!" The 15 remaining soldiers moved back and formed a perimeter around the Pelican. A sharp screaming noise was heard above, everyone looked up and saw the Skyhawk. It begun to fire its chain guns at the Covenant, it only took a few rounds to pierce the Elite's shields and not many more to take down a Hunter. It fired all four of its Scorpion missiles at the Covenant ground troops. Each impact created a massive explosion and left a 2 meter deep crater where the enemy once stood.
     "Area clear of Covenant Lt."
     "Good job, can you possibly land an pick up some survivors and radio HQ to send a Pelican to pick up the rest of us?"
     "I can carry 2 more passengers."
     "Good, Omega squad, go with the jump jet."
     The jet picked up the 2 members of Omega squad and said that HQ was sending 2 Pelicans to pick up the remaining survivors."
     "Lt., I have good news." Said J.D.
     "What is it Corporal?"
     "This Elite is still alive." He was standing over the Golden Elite with the scar on his face.
     "How the hell is that good news?"
     "Because now I can get my revenge." He kicked the Elite in the face hard then aimed his AR at it. "Now watch me make soup out of his head."
     "Corporal drop that weapon!"
     "There hasn't been an Elite captured alive before, especially not a golden Commander, this is a perfect opportunity. Jonathan pick up that shit bag and make sure he doesn't wake up for an hour or so." Jonathan gripped the Elite in a headlock, cutting of the air supply to its brain, it fell unconscious again. "Put it on the hover crate, we're taking it back with us."
     It had been a good hour before the pelicans were seen. These weren't smoking, being shot at, they were just fine. The two squads picked up their gear and the wounded and brought them on board. J.D. sat down just looking at the floor of the pelican while the ODSTs brought in the hover crate with the Elite on it. Lt. Roberts was helping Jessica on board when she noticed that J.D. was trying not to look at the Elite. "J.D. is that the Elite from the last battle that ......"
     "Yes is it the same son of a bitch that screwed my life up and my head."
     J.D. tapped his head and you could hear a pinging. As the pelican lifted off no one was talking till everyone heard Taylor say "Damn I left my cherry bombs on the ship" Everyone cracked up and laughed except for Lt. Clower who was just staring out the open doors as we passed over another downed pelican and J.D. was still looking down at the floor. It had been on hell of a day and the changing of two lives.